Thursday, October 19, 2017

How To Get Someone's Gmail Password Without The User Knowing

Let’s me begin by dispensing off with why you would want to get someone’s Gmail password in the first place. Well, there are a number of valid reasons that would make you want to get someone's Gmail password. These include:
  • Child monitoring – most people seeking information on how to get someone's Gmail password happen to be parents. They will usually be concerned with the online activities of their children and will want to have a means to know who their children are interacting with via email. As you know, there are all sorts of crooks, kooks, and perverts online. Anytime your child goes online, they run the risk of interacting with human traffickers, child molesters and other kinds of criminals. So, where children are concerned there is no such thing as being too paranoid. It isn’t surprising that most Internet searches for the terms “how to get Gmail password”, “how to get someone's Gmail password” and “how to get someones Gmail password without resetting” are conducted by parents. 
  • Spouses – the second category of people that want access someone's Gmail account are spouses. Spousal infidelity is on the rise. A recent study conducted in the US revealed that in over a third of marriages, one or both spouses admitted to infidelity. Another study in the UK reveals that almost half of UK males admit to having been unfaithful at least once. Clearly, married people have a reason to worry about their spouse’s late nights at the computer. 
  • Employers – employers also worry about the online activities of their employees. They worry about corporate espionage and whether the employee is stealing from them. One of the ways to find out what their employees are up to, the legality notwithstanding, is to get access to their Gmail accounts and see who they’ve been communicating with. 

Methods to Hack a Gmail Account

There are numerous methods one can use to get a Gmail password. Here, I will highlight some of the most popular and effective.

How To Get a Gmail Password With The Phishing Method

Phishing is a technique where the hacker masquerades as the real thing. For example, the hacker creates a page that looks and feels like the Gmail login page and through some nifty coding, makes it present itself in the browser once the computer user type's in the URL "”. The user then enters their Gmail username and password. But, upon clicking “Enter” the login credentials are immediately sent clandestinely to the hacker. The user then gets an error message such as “please check your Internet connection” and is then redirected to the correct login page to avoid suspicion.

How To Get a Gmail Password Using a Keylogger

A keylogger is a computer program logs the keystrokes typed on the keyboard and sends them to a remote server or stores them in a local file which can later be retrieved by the hacker. Once a keylogger is installed on the target computer, all attacker needs to do is check the logs to identify the Gmail username and password.

How To Get a Gmail Password Via Social Engineering

Social engineering is a euphemism for identity theft. It involves getting access to personal information which can then be used to reset a Gmail account. Unless a Gmail account has extra security features setup such as 2-step verification and phone notifications, all you would normally need to do to reset the password is answer a number of security questions. These security questions include questions like "what was the make of your first car?” and “where did you go for your honeymoon?" These are intensely personal. But, finding out this information about someone can potentially give you the means to reset their Gmail account password.

How to Get a Gmail Password Using a Browser Extension Gmail Hacker

A browser extension Gmail hack is a technique where a legitimate browser extension is compromised and the capability to “sniff” keystrokes is introduced. The most common way to achieve this is to gain access to a developer’s computer and then access the extension/addon files. Once you get into the extension files, you only need to introduce the code, update the extension and push it out to users. Many Chrome extensions have been hacked this way in the recent past with users being duped into handing over their Gmail passwords. Examples of such extensions include Chrome’s Web Developer and CopyFish.

How To Get a Gmail Password by Hacking Other Sites

It is also possible to find out someone's Gmail password by getting access to another site where the target has an account. It is a fact that most people use the same password across many different sites. So, if Facebook is easier to get into, then it is likely that the Facebook password is also the Gmail password.

How To Get a Gmail Password with a Spy Application

Unfortunately, with the exception of social engineering, all the methods mentioned above are quite technical in nature. Unless you have a technical background or are a tech enthusiast, you may find the learning curve too steep for your liking. In such a case, I recommend using a spy application that can be installed on a target’s phone. FlexiSPY is one such app. Once installed on the target phone, it secretly logs not just Gmail emails, but text messages, social media messages, phone calls, photos, GPS location and much more. The app is completely hidden from the interface and completely undetectable by the user. These logs and uploaded to a remote server which can be accessed by the account owner from any other computer or phone. Installation is a simple five-minute process and you are good to go. FlexiSPY is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Intercepting personal communications is illegal in Kenya and many other jurisdictions. The content provided above is for informational purposes only AND NOT an endorsement of criminal activity.

How To Spy On Line Chat on Android and iPhone

Why would anyone want to spy on Line? Well, with almost a billion downloads, Line is one of the biggest instant messaging applications in the world. It is currently ranked fourth after Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat, and is the largest in Japan. This makes it one of the most popular communication channels. As such, anyone with an interest in someone’s personal communications would naturally want to spy on Line.

There are two main categories of people who would want to spy on a Line chat. These are spouses/lovers and parents.

Spy Line Chat by Lovers/Spouses

In today’s world where infidelity seems to be the order of the day, it isn’t surprising that lovers or spouses want to know what the other is up to. Research has shown that 82 percent of people cheat in a relationship because they can. It is also a fact that only 10 percent of men are ever aware that their wife is cheating. Many people are involved in what appears to be a happy marriage or relationship only to find their lover acting strangely. Some of the tell-tale signs that a partner is cheating in a relationship include; easy aggravation for things are quite mundane, emotional distance, working longer hours, wanting more space or room to breathe, suddenly paying close attention to his/her appearance and suddenly becoming more private.

Clandestine chats and rendezvous scheduling are frequently being conducted via instant messaging applications. Therefore, anyone with a hint of suspicion that their partner is up to no good will naturally try and spy on Line communications.

Spy Line Chat by Parents

Parents are a worried lot. While technology has made it easier to communicate and interact, it has also given people with nefarious intentions easier access to children. Children are being exploited online and lured into child pornography, drugs and unwittingly meet human traffickers and end up being kidnapped. According to recent research conducted in the US and UK, one in seven children has been sexually exploited online. 70 percent of girls and 30 percent of boys report being approached by at least one of the over 500,000 predators estimated to be online on a daily basis.

And, where do predators groom? Over 82% of predators use social media including apps like Line to find out their target’s likes and dislikes. 65% use social media apps to find out where their victim goes to school, 26% use social media apps to find their location and 18% of children use chat rooms where most sex crimes are initiated.

And, the problem isn't just limited to exploitation for sex, drugs or human trafficking. Children are also at risk of cyberbullying other kids and even strangers. Cyberbullying is a big risk for teenagers who attach great importance to social acceptance. The website reports that 87 percent of teenagers have reported some form of cyberbullying. Extreme cases of cyberbullying have led to depression and even suicide amongst some teens.

So, how can you tell if something is off and if you need to spy on Line? For one, if your child suddenly starts receiving phone calls from people you don't know, you should be worried. Other red flags that you need to spy on Line include; hiding the phone screen when you're around, being online into the wee hours, receiving gifts from strangers, withdrawing emotionally from the family and having pornography on his/her phone.

Children online present a predicament for parents and schools because you can't stop children from going online altogether. The only solution is to find a way to spy on Line and know what your child is up to 24 hours a day.

Spy on Line chat with FlexiSPY

One of the best ways to spy on Line chat is through a mobile spy application known as FlexiSPY. To begin using FlexiSPY, you first need to create an account on the FlexiSPY website. Once you do this, you then need to get access to the target phone and install the application. This can be achieved in a number of ways. For children, it's much easier because a parent has the right to access their child's phone. You simply need to access the phone when they go to school or to bed and install the app. But, for a spouse/lover, you may need to consider the legal implications. In many jurisdictions, spying on someone's phone or intercepting personal communications is a felony. So, before you install FlexiSPY, find out about the communication laws in your country.

Installation involves downloading a file from a link provided by FlexiSPY. You will then log into you FlexiSPY account from the target phone, accept the user agreement then click “Start” to activate the device. It is a quick five-minute process and once done, the application icon is invisible and can’t be seen or detected by the phone user.

Once you have installed FlexiSPY, Line chats will be uploaded to the FlexiSPY server. To spy on Line, you just to log into your control panel and see what your child or lover has been up to.

FlexiSPY logs much more than Line chats. Some of the other features include:

  • Accessing the calendar
  • Analyzing browsing history
  • Browsing contacts
  • Managing photos & videos
  • Monitoring phone calls
  • Monitoring Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps
  • Reading notes & reminders
  • Tracking GPS location
  • Tracking text messages
  • Viewing installed apps

FlexiSPY is compatible with both Android and iPhone and the subscription is payable monthly, quarterly or annually.

Intercepting personal communications is illegal in Kenya and many other jurisdictions. The content provided above is for informational purposes only AND NOT an endorsement of criminal activity.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Ahmednasir Abdullahi Tweet of the Day #ElectionsKE #CleanUpIEBC

Ahmednasir Abdullahi got interesting responses to one of his tweets today. While commenting on the recent Supreme Court ruling, he posted this tweet.
What he wasn't expecting were the responses from the NASA KOT brigade. We have sampled a few of them for you below.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

#SupremeCourtDecides Mutahi Ngunyi: Exposing the Civilian Coup by Supreme Court

Mutahi Ngunyi calls the Supreme Court decision reckless, irresponsible and playful. History will judge Maraga Harshly. Watch the video below.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

List of Kajiado MCA's

The following is a list of the members of county assembly (MCA's) of Kajiado as per the most recent Kenyan general election in 2017. The names of Kajiado MCA's are as follows:

Ward Surname Other Names Party
Olkeri Njuguna Peter Gitau JP
Ongata Rongai Pere Mwathi Marimpet JP
Nkaimurunya Ndirangu James Waichanguru JP
Oloolua Kimemia Martin Antony Njogu JP
Ngong Muoria Robert Gitua JP
Purko Naikuni Daniel Turpesio ODM
Ildamat Teum Samuel Somporuan WDM-K
Dalalekutuk Lesere Nkitinyo Ole JP
Matapato North Nkaloyo Dickson Tionka ODM
Matapato South Toshi Hosea Kasaine JP
Kaputiei North Olowasa Joshua Kintei WDM-K
Kitengela Matuyia Paul Kipamet ODM
Oloosirkon Sholinke Kaesha Francis Kaindi ODM
Kenyawa-Poka Kimiti Henry Senteman PNU
Imaroro Peshut Amos Melonyie WDM-K
Keekonyokie Kusero Moses Saoyo JP
Iloodokilani Mpaada Jackson Reteti JP
Magadi Oltetia Joseph Masiaya JP
Ewuaso Oonkidong'i Ngossor Justus OleKilesi JP
Mosiro Ntimoye Peter Tirishe Kuseyo ODM
Entonet Lenkisim Metui Paul Muterian PNU
Mbirikani Eselenkei Moipaai Julius Teto JP
Kuku Mpete Kitesho Meshuda JP
Rombo Kamete Lengete Ole JP
Kimana Musunkeri Peter Parsen JP

Summary of Party Strength in Kajiado County Assembly

Party No. %
Jubilee Party (JP) 15 60%
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) 5 20%
Wiper Democratic Movement Kenya (WDM-K) 3 12%
Party of National Unity 2 8%
Total 25

List of Kajiado Members of Parliament (MPs)

The following is a full list of Kajiado County Members of Parliament as per the most recent 2017 general election in Kenya. The names of Kajiado MPs are as follows:

Constituency Surname Other Names Party
Kajiado North Manje Joseph Wathigo JP
Kajiado Central Kanchory Elijah Memusi ODM
Kajiado East Tobiko Peris Pesi JP
Kajiado West Sunkuyia George Risa JP
Kajiado South Katoo Metito Judah JP

Summary of Party Strength

Party No. %
Jubilee Party (JP) 4 80%
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) 1 20%
Total 5

List of Members of Parliament in Nairobi County

The following is a list of Members of Parliament (MP's) for the County of Nairobi. This is as per the most recent election of 2017. The names of Jubilee, ODM and Wiper MPs in Nairobi County are as follows:

Constituency Surname Other Names Party
Westlands Wetangula Timothy Wanyonyi ODM
Dagoretti North Arati Paul Simba ODM
Dagoretti South Waweru John Kiarie JP
Langata Korir Generali Nixon Kiprotich JP
Kibra Okoth Kenneth Odhiambo ODM
Roysambu Ndirangu Isaac Waihenya JP
Kasarani Gakuya Mercy Wanjiku JP
Ruaraka Francis Kajwang' Tom Joseph ODM
Embakasi South Mawathe Julius Musili WDM-K
Embakasi North Gakuya James Mwangi JP
Embakasi Central Mwangi Benjamin Gathiru JP
Embakasi East Babu Owino Paul Ongili ODM
Embakasi West Theuri George JP
Makadara Omwera George Aladwa ODM
Kamukunji Abdi Yusuf Hassan JP
Starehe Njagua Charles Kanyi JP
Mathare Oluoch Anthony Tom ODM

Summary of Party Strength

Party Seats %
ODM 7 41.18%
JP 9 52.94%
WDM-K 1 5.88%
Total 17

Key Full Party Name
ODM Orange Democratic Movement
JP Jubilee Party
WDM-K Wiper Democratic Movement

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How To Lighten Skin

The main reason many Kenyan women go to great lengths to lighten their skin relates to local perceptions that light skinned women are more beautiful. While skin color is mainly a matter of genes, there are a number methods one can use to make skin lighter or prevent it from darkening. These skin lightening methods can be categorized broadly as natural or commercial.

Natural Skin Lightening

  • Natural aloe vera - the pure gel inside aloe vera leaves will make your skin look brighter over time. You can grow aloe vera at home in a pot or old plastic container. 
  • Pawpaw - smearing pawpaw on your face not only lightens your skin over time, but it is also a great anti-aging agent.
  • Lemons - lemons are a natural bleaching agent. Pour a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon onto your hands, mix with your lotion and apply all over the body.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight - the sun can darken the skin over time. Wear sunglasses to protect the area around the skin.
  • Sleep well and avoid stress - lack of adequate sleep and stress has been proven to darken skin over time. 
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Maintain a balanced diet at all times. Darkened skin can be a sign that you aren't getting sufficient nutrients. 

Commercial Skin Lightening Products

  • Buy a skin lightening product that contains alpha-arbutin. This is the active ingredient which inhibits melanin production. Melanin is responsible for dark skin. Black people have more melanin than light skinned people. Follow the instructions on the pack and if you encounter side effects stop using the product and consult a doctor immediately.  
  • Use sunscreen - To avoid the effects of the sun, use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays.
  • Chemical peel - visit a dermatologist and get a chemical peel monthly. This removes the top skin layer to reveal the lighter skin underneath.
  • Laser treatments are now also an option if you have a fat bank account.

Tips & Warnings on Skin Lightening

  • Avoid any skin lightening products that contain hydroquinone, mercury, or steroids. These have dangerous side effects. 
  • Skin lightening pills don't work and actually a scam. Only Glutathione injections have an effect on skin pigmentations.
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Have self-esteem, you don't need to lighten your skin to be loved or admired. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

List of Kenyan Senators

A list of Senators in the Republic of Kenya.

County Senator Party
1 Mombasa Mohamed Faki Mwinyihaji ODM
2 Kwale Issa Juma Boy ODM
3 Kilifi Stewart Mwachiru Shadrack Madzayo ODM
4 Tana River Golich Juma Wario Jubilee
5 Lamu Anuar Loitiptip Jubilee
6 Taita-Taveta Johnes Mwashushe Mwaruma ODM
7 Garissa Mohamed Yusuf Haji Jubilee
8 Wajir Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali Jubilee
9 Mandera Mohamed Maalim Mahamud Jubilee
10 Marsabit Godana Hargura Jubilee
11 Isiolo Dullo Fatuma Adan PDR
12 Meru Franklin Mithika Linturi Jubilee
13 Tharaka Nithi Kithure Kindiki A K Jubilee
14 Embu Peter Njeru Ndwiga Jubilee
15 Kitui Enoch Kiio Wambua WDM-K
16 Machakos Boniface Mutinda Kabaka CCU
17 Makueni Mutula Kilonzo Junior WDM-K
18 Nyandarua Paul Githiomi Mwangi Jubilee
19 Nyeri Eng Ephraim Mwangi Maina Kirinyaga Jubilee
20 Kirinyaga Daniel Karaba Dickson Jubilee
21 Muranga Irungu Kang'ata Jubilee
22 Kiambu Wamatangi Paul Kimani Jubilee
23 Turkana Malachy Charles Ekal Imana ODM
24 West Pokot Samuel Losuron Poghisio KANU
25 Samburu Steve Ltumbesi Lelegwe Jubilee
26 Trans-Nzoia Michael Maling'a Mbito Jubilee
27 Uasin Gishu Margaret Jepkoech Kamar Jubilee
28 Elgeyo-Marakwet Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen Jubilee
29 Nandi Cherarkey K Samson Jubilee
30 Baringo Gideon Kipsielei Towett Moi KANU
31 Laikipia John Kinyua Nderitu Jubilee
32 Nakuru Susan Wakarura Kihika Jubilee
33 Narok Ledama Ole Kina ODM
34 Kajiado Phillip Salau Mpaayei Jubilee
35 Kericho Aaron Kipkirui Cheruiyot Jubilee
36 Bomet Christopher Andrew Langat Jubilee
37 Kakamega Cleophas Wakhungu Malalah ANC
38 Vihiga Khaniri George ANC
39 Bungoma Moses Masika Wetangula FORD Kenya
40 Busia Sitswila Amos Wako ODM
41 Siaya James Aggrey Bob Orengo ODM
42 Kisumu Fredrick Otieno Outa ODM
43 Homabay Moses Otieno Kajwang ODM
44 Migori Ben Oluoch Okello ODM
45 Kisii Samson Kegengo Ongeri ODM
46 Nyamira Erick Okongo Mogeni ODM
47 Nairobi Johnson Arthur Sakaja Jubilee

Summary of Senate Strength

Party Number of Senators Percentage
Jubilee 25 53.19%
ODM 13 27.66%
WDM-K 2 4.26%
ANC 2 4.26%
KANU 2 4.26%
CCU 1 2.13%
PDR 1 2.13%
Ford Kenya 1 2.13%
Total 47

Friday, August 4, 2017

8 Ways to Spot Fake News

Fake, false or fabricated news is deliberate misinformation to influence public opinion, drive an agenda or achieve some other purpose. The misinformation or hoaxes are normally spread via social media but also via traditional mainstream media.

Tips to Identify Fake News

It is possible to spot fake news. The following are a few ways to tell if a story is genuine.

1) Consider the Source

Look carefully at the source of the story. Who has published the story? Is it a respected individual or institution. Check their 'About Us' page and read their mission and check if they have published any contact information. Also, look at the URL carefully. Small changes in the URL can make a story appear to come from a reputable site, for example, a fake news creator could register a domain that closely resembles a genuine news website.

2) Be Skeptical of Headlines

False stories usually have catchy headlines that almost seem unbelievable. These are known as click bait, an unethical publishing practice of writing deliberately false headlines to encourage to click and read the story.

3) Check the Author

Is the author of the story credible? Are they real? Do a quick search to find out. Also, like all forgeries, fake news created by amateurs will usually contain spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that a reputable organization will hardly make. These are a dead giveaway that a story is fabricated.

4) Check the Date

Old stories are often regurgitated even when they are irrelevant to current events.

5) Check your own Biases

Could your own belief system be clouding your judgment? Creators of fake news take advantage of people's biases, for example, stories that are racist or hate speech will often be accepted as gospel truth by persons who are already biased.

6) Supporting Sources

Does the story have any supporting sources? If so, click on the links and see if the source information supports the story. Is there any other news source reporting the same story? If there isn't, then that could be an indication that the story is false.

7) Is it a Joke?

Some stories are intentionally false. For example, on April fools day, many media organizations fool their readers with fabricated stories.

8) If in Doubt, Ask an Expert

If after all the above, you still aren't sure, ask a subject matter expert. Alternatively, you can consult a fact checking website such as Infohub by sending us a comment below and we will get back to you with the truth.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)