Saturday, December 27, 2014

20 Of The Best Kenyan Viral Videos Of 2014 You Really Need To See

It’s almost impossible to predict what Kenyan videos will go viral and which will simply disappear without racking up any views. Every kind of Kenyan video you can imagine is uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, but only the best go viral.

This year, was a fantastic year for Kenyan online videos. For every dull, drab and boring clip, there was a gem that stood out from the crowd. And these are the clips we’re looking at today… the best Kenyan viral videos 2014 had to offer as reported by YouTube in their YouTube Rewind 2014 Kenya report.

The report had two categories:
  1. Top trending Kenyan videos of 2014
  2. Top trending Kenyan music videos of 2014
Here are the videos from both categories.

Top trending Kenyan videos of 2014

1. Open Your Eyes Kenya

by Safaricom Kenya

2. The World is Ours (Africa version): Coca-Cola's 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Anthem

by Coca-Cola

3. JICHO PEVU: Makri ya Injili

by KTN Kenya

4. #theTrend: Socialite Vera Sidika's new look

by NTV Kenya

5. Airtel TRACE Star

by Airtel Kenya

6. My Bukusu Darling: Asian lady defies parents and strict traditions for love found in a Bukusu man

by KTN Kenya

7. First Lady runs into Uhuru's arms

by Capital FM Kenya

8. Mwanaharakati asimulia yaliyotendeka Raila akiwa ng'ambo

by SwahiliHub

9. Otonglo boy tickles the audience again at Nyeri drama festivals

by KTN Kenya

10. Hata Hitler amejam stori ya Vera! Hapa Kule News Ep 57

by HapaKuleNews

Top trending Kenyan music videos of 2014

1. Sauti Sol - NISHIKE (TOUCH ME) Official Music Video

by Sauti Sol

2. Willy Paul feat. Size 8 - Tam Tam Remix (Official Video)(@willypaulbongo)

by Willy Paul Msafi

3. Sauti Sol - SURA YAKO Official LIPALA Dance Instructional Video feat. Sarakasi Dancers

by Sauti Sol

4. Elani - Kookoo [@elanimuziki]

by elanimuziki

5. Jaguar Kioo (Official Video) Main Switch

by Main Switch Studios

6. Bahati - Barua (Official Video)

by Bahati Musiq

7. Elani - Milele [@elanimuziki]

by elanimuziki

8. Mfalme Wa Mapenzi -Sanaipei OFFICIAL ULTRA HD VIDEO

by Onfon productions

9. Kitanzi - Willy Paul & Gloria Muliro [GloriaMuliroTV]

by Gloria Muliro

10. Victoria Kimani - Prokoto (Official Video) ft. Ommy Dimpoz, Diamond Platnumz

by VictoriaKimaniVEVO 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Eaten Alive by an Anaconda!

Forget the movie! This is the real thing. The show aired on the Discovery Channel in the US on Saturday 7th December 2015.

Paul Rosolie, an environmentalist, tracked down a 20ft-long green anaconda in South America.
He wore a special suit, helmet and carried an oxygen tank. He also smeared himself with pig's blood to smell appetizing.

As cameras rolled, he crawled on all fours towards the snake.

The giant snake pounced and coiled around him before proceeding to swallow (almost) him alive.

Watch the shocking footage below.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How To Avoid Being Scammed On OLX Kenya

OLX Kenya is one of the most successful online classifieds sites in Kenya and indeed Africa. However, as with any platform that is used widely, OLX has attracted scammers in their droves. Avoid being scammed/conned on OLX by following these Do's and Dont's of online transactions.

Tips For OLX Buyers

  • DO inspect the item thoroughly before you make a buying decision. 
  • DO NOT send or transfer money before you view the item and are completely satisfied.
  • DO NOT  carry cash when you meet the seller – even Mpesa isn't a safe option because you could be kidnapped and forced to transfer the money at gunpoint. View the item and then walk to a bank with seller, withdraw the cash in the presence of witnesses and load it to your Mpesa, do a sale agreement and then make payment via Mpesa.
  • DO NOT meet a Seller/buyer in an isolated place. Insist on a public place such as a mall with lots of people. 

Tips For OLX Sellers

  • DO NOT accept anything less than than the full amount before you hand over the item to the buyer.
  • DO NOT accept personal cheques.
  • DO NOT meet the buyer in an isolated place. 
  • DO NOT deal with any buyer who contacts you with a private number or a number that isn't verifiable. 
  • DO NOT send an item to an overseas buyer on the promise of future payment.

Signs That An Item Listed For Sale On OLX Could Be By A Scammer

  • If the deal is too good to be true, it often is. For example, if a popular car on the market is listed at a ridiculously low price, that could indicate potential fraud.
  • The seller has listed the same item multiple times with different titles and prices. 
  • The seller uses images that don't look genuine. For example, a vehicle image looks like it has been sourced from the Internet. You can use Google's reverse image lookup to find out if an image has been sourced from the Internet as explained below.

How To Do A Google Reverse Image Search For OLX Images

  1. Click on the OLX image and the image Window will pop-out. Right click within the image and click "Copy Image URL" as shown below.

  2. Next, open Google Image Search and click on the camera icon, "Search by image", as shown below.

  3. In the new window, paste the image link/URL from OLX in the "Paste image URL" tab as shown below and click "Search by image". 

  4. If the image has been sourced from the Internet, you will get a hit as my test results below indicate. This is a fairly good indicator that the seller in my example isn't genuine. 

Why doesn't the seller take his own photos? For for thought.
Stay safe shopping on OLX!