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List of Kenyan Forex Bureaus

The following is a list of licensed forex bureaus operating in Kenya at the moment. Telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical location is included.

Name of Bureau Location E-mail Address & Fax
Alpha Forex Bureau Ltd  Pamstech House Woodvale Grove Westlands
P. O. Box 476 – 00606  Fax: 254-2-4451436
Tel: 4451435/7
Arcade Forex Bureau Ltd  Adams Arcade  Fax: 254-2-571924
P. O. Box 21646 – 00505  Ngong Road
Tel: 3871946/2189121/0721-810274
Aristocrats Forex Bureau Ltd  Kenindia House
P. O. Box 10884 – 00400  Nairobi Fax: 254-2-213794
Tel: 245247/228080
Avenue Forex Bureau Ltd Motor Mart Building, 
P. O. Box 1755 – 80100  Moi Avenue, 
Mombasa Mombasa
Bamburi Forex Bureau Ltd  Nyali Mombasa
P. O. Box 97803  Fax: 254-41-5486948
Tel: 041-5486950, 0722-412649/ 0733-466729
Bay Forex Bureau Ltd  The Stanley Bldg.
P. O. Box 42909 – 00100  Kenyatta Avenue Fax: 254-2-229665/248676
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2244186/ 2248289/2244188
Boston Forex Bureau Limited Nakumatt Ukay
P.O. Box 11076–00400 Westlands
Tel: 0205249664/ 0732622429/ 0702022429
Cashline Forex Bureau Ltd  Sound Plaza
P. O. Box 64672 – 00619  Westlands Fax: 254-20-4452299
Tel: 4452296/97/98
CBD Forex Bureau Limited  Clyde House, Fax: 254-2-318895
P. O. Box 10964 – 00400  Kimathi Street
Tel: 316123
Central Forex Bureau Ltd  I. P. S. Building, Ground Floor,
P. O. Box 43966 – 00100 Nairobi  Kaunda Street,  Fax: 254-2-249016
Tel: 2226777/ 2224729/317217 Nairobi
City Centre Forex Bureau Ltd  Nginyo Towers, Ground Floor,
P. O. Box 40253 – 00100  Koinange Street  Fax No: 254-02-246696
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2246694/0729-888555
Classic Forex Bureau Limited  Prestige Plaza, 1st Floor,  Fax No. 3862346
P. O. Box 39166 – 00623  Ngong Rd 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 3862343/4
Commercial Forex Bureau Limited  Vedic House,
P. O. Box 47452 – 00100  Mama Ngina Street
Tel. 020-2210307/8
Conference Forex Bureau Limited  KICC, Ground Floor
P. O. Box 32268 – 00600 
Tel. 3581293, 020-3586802
Continental Forex Bureau Ltd  Old Mutual Building
P. O. Box 49580 – 00400  Kimathi Street Fax: 254 2-216163
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2222140, 3168025
Cosmos Forex Bureau Ltd  Rehema House  Fax: 254-2-250591
P. O. Box 10284 – 00100  Nairobi
Tel: 250582/5
Crater Forex Bureau Ltd  Menengai Motors George
P.O. Box 130 -20100  Morara Avenue Fax: 254-51-2214183
Tel: 051- 2214183, 2216524
Crossroads Forex Bureau Limited  Crossroads Shopping Centre,
P. O. Box 871 – 00502  Karen, Nairobi
Tel: 0729-888444
Crown Bureau De Change Ltd  Corner House,
P. O. Box 22515– 00400  Mama Ngina Street Nairobi Fax: 254-2-252365
Tel: 2250720/1/2
Dalmar Exchange Bureau Ltd  2nd Floor,  Fax:+254-20-6760470 
P. O. Box 16381-00610  Olympic Complex Centre 1st Ave.
Nairobi  7th street, Eastleigh Nairobi
Tel:+254-20-6761628,6760476 6762301
Downtown Cambio Forex Bureau Ltd  Wison Airport Nairobi Fax: 254-2-608354
P. O. Box 42444 – 00100 
Tel: 608659; 609547/607721
Forex Bureau Afro Ltd  Jamia Plaza  Fax: 254-2-7250502
P. O. Box 100414 – 00101  Kigali Street 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2247041/2250676/222950
Gala Forex Bureau Ltd  20th Century 1st Floor  Fax: 020310261 
P. O. Box 35021-00100  Mama Ngina/ Kaunda Street
Tel: 020310241 
Mobile: 0729750000
Gateway Forex Bureau Ltd  Town House, Fax: 254-20-2212942 
P. O. Box 11500 – 00100  Kaunda Street
Tel: 2212955/45/49, 0700-003435
Giant Forex Bureau de Change Ltd  Unit 1- Departure Fax: 254-2-825327
P. O. Box 56947 – 00200 
Tel: 827970
Give and Take Forex Bureau Ltd  Gigiri,  Fax: 254-2-7120046
P. O. Box 51463 – 00200  China Garden 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 7120581/3562152
Glory Forex Bureau Ltd  Norwich Union House
P. O. Box 42909 – 00100  Kimathi Street,  Fax: 252-2-245614
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2244333/2241164/2243115
GNK Forex Bureau Ltd  Jubilee Centre
P. O. Box 14297 – 00100  Karen Nairobi Fax: 254-2-892266
Tel: 890303/891243/891848/892048
Green Exchange Forex Bureau Ltd  Emperor Plaza, Ground Floor,
P. O. Box 20809 – 00100  Koinange Street Fax: 254-2-2214550
Nairobi Tel:+2540202214547/8/9
Industrial Area Forex Bureau Ltd  Bunyala Road,  Fax: 254-2-551186
P. O. Box 45746 – 00100  Industrial Area Nairobi
Tel: 551186/551198
Island Forex Bureau Ltd  Moi Avenue,
P. O. Box 84300 Mombasa  Mombasa Fax: 254-41-2227057
Tel: 041-2223988/ 2229626
Junction Forex Bureau Limited P. O. Box 43888 – 00100 Nairobi Tel: 3861268/9, 0725-852840 The Junction of Ngong Road/ Dagoreti Corner
Kenza Exchange Bureau Ltd  JKIA, Arrival Unit 1 Nairobi N/A
P. O. Box 21819 – 00400 
Tel: 822504/ 2245863
L’ache Forex Bureau Ltd  Diamond Plaza, 2nd Floor,
P. O. Box 45191 – 00100  Parklands Fax: 254-2-2733485
Tel: 3514509, 2119568/9, 0711-229408, 3752109
Leo Forex Bureau Ltd  T. S. S. Towers
P. O. Box 82304– 80100  Nkrumah Road,  Fax: 254-41-230399
Mombasa  Mombasa
Tel: 041-2230396/7/8; 2230399
Link Forex Bureau Ltd  Uganda House – Arcade,
P. O. Box 11659 – 00400  Kenyatta Avenue, Fax: 254-2-213620
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2213619/21, 0724-256480
Lion Bureau De Change Ltd  Taj Shopping Mall  i
P.O Box 4581-00200  North Airport Road, 
Nairobi  Embakasi.
Tel: 0732911138, 0731863896, 0202600072
Loki Forex Bureau Ltd.  T&L Centre,
P. O. Box 12523 – 00100  Industrial Area, 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 0723-886999, 020-554822, 020-2117780
Magnum Forex Bureau De Change Ltd  Nakumatt Mega, 
P. O. Box 46434 – 00100  Uhuru Highway
Maritime Forex Bureau Ltd  Iddi House,
P. O. Box 43296 – 80100  Nkrumah Road,  Fax: 254-41-2319178
Mombasa  Mombasa
Tel: 041- 2319175/6/7
Metropolitan Bureau De Change Ltd  Unit 2 Departure,  Fax: 254-2-252116
P. O. Box 7080 – 00300  JKIA
Tel: 827963
Middletown Forex Bureau Ltd  Westminister House
P. O. Box 41830 – 00100  Kaunda Street  Fax: 254-2-332534
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2211227
Mona Bureau De Change Ltd  Panari Centre,  Fax: 254-2-828113
P. O. Box 46180 – 00100  Mombasa Road 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 828111/2, Cell: 0733-744348
Moneypoint Forex Bureau Ltd  Tubman Road,  Fax:+254-20-2211342
P. O. Box 3338-00100  Ansh Plaza
Tel No. 020-2211346/7
Morgan Forex Bureau De Change Ltd  Westlands
P. O. Box 79012 – 00400 
Tel No. 020-4444073
Mustaqbal Forex Bureau Ltd  Eastleigh,
P. O. Box 100745 – 00101  Nairobi Fax: 254-2-6766650
Tel: 020-2497344
Muthaiga-ABC Forex Bureau Ltd Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Nairob
P. O. Box 63533 – 00619,
Tel: 4048883/4044146 
Cell: 0722-362665/0733-362665
Nairobi Bureau De Change Ltd  Unit 2 JKIA  Fax: 254-2-241307
P. O. Box 644 – 00624, Nairobi
Village Mkt Nairobi 
Tel: 822884
Nairobi Forex Bureau Ltd  Gujarat House  Fax: 254-2-244767
P. O. Box 12523 – 00100  Muindi Mbingu Street 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2244767/2223039
Namanga Forex Bureau Ltd  Namanga N/A
P. O. Box 12577 – 00100 
Tel: 02-213642/ 045-5132476
Nawal Forex Bureau Ltd  Chaka Place, Fax: 254-2-272011
P. O. Box 43888 – 00100  Chaka Road
Tel: 2720111
Net Forex Bureau Ltd  Avenue House,  Fax: 254-2-250088
P. O. Box 102348– 00100,  Kenyatta Avenue
Jamia Nairobi 
Tel: 020 – 249999
Offshore Forex Bureau Limited  Cianda House, Ground Floor,  Fax: 254-02-310839
P. O. Box 26650 – 00100 Nairobi  Koinange Street
Tel: 020 – 310837/8
Pacific Forex Bureau Limited  Lonhro House,
P. O. Box 24273 – 00100  Standard Street
Tel. 310880, 310882/3
Peaktop Exchange Bureau Ltd  20th Century, Fax: 254-2-210210
P. O. Box 13074 – 00100  Mama Ngina/ Kaunda Streets, 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2244371/313438, 0722 - 332518
Pearl Forex Bureau Ltd  Hurlingham Shopping Centre Fax: 254-2-2724770
P. O. Box 58059 – 00200 
Tel: 2724769/ 2724778
Pel Forex Bureau Ltd  Allmamra Plaza
P. O. Box 957 – 40100  Oginga Odinga Road, Fax: 254-57-2022495
Kisumu  Kisumu
Tel: 057-2024134/2044425
Penguin Forex Bureau Ltd  Nkrumah Road,  Fax: 254-41-2228194
P. O. Box 3438 – 80100  Mombasa
Tel: 041- 316618/2228170
Princess Forex Bureau Ltd.  City House,
P.O. BOX 104140 – 00101 Standard Street. 
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 2217978
Pwani Forex Bureau Ltd  Mombasa Block 404 XV11/M1
P. O. Box 87200 – 80100  Abdel Nasseiz Fax: 254-41-2221870
Tel: 041-2221727/2221734/2221845
Rand Forex Bureau Limited
P. O. Box 30923 - 00100 Nairobi Tel: 0722200815
Kampus Tower, Moi Avenue, Nairobi
Real Value Forex Bureau Limited  Shariff Complex, 
P. O. Box 2903 – 00100  5th Avenue, 
Nairobi  Eastleigh
Tel: 236044/55/66/77
Regional Forex Bureau Limited  Kimathi House,  Fax No. 312296
P. O. Box 634 – 00100,  Kimathi Street
Tel. 313479/80,311953
Rift Valley Forex Bureau Ltd  Merica Hotel Building
P. O. Box 12165  Court Road  Fax: 254-51-2210174
Nakuru  Nakuru
Tel: 051-2212495/2210174
Safari Forex Bureau Ltd  KVDA Plaza Eldoret Fax: 254-053-2063997
P. O. Box 219 Eldoret 
Tel: 053-2063347
Satellite Forex Bureau Ltd  City House
P. O. Box 43617– 00100  Standard Street Fax: 254-20-230630
Nairobi  Nairobi
Tel: 2218140/1, Cell: 0721-411300
Simba Forex Bureau Limited
P. O. Box 66886 – 00800 Nairobi Tel. 020 – 445995, 0722 – 703121
Moi International Airport,  Fax No: 020 – 4443706
Sisi Forex Bureau Limited  Agip House,
P.O. Box 60770 - 00200 Nairobi MHaile Selasie Avenue
Tel: 2445846/0722-382995
Sky Forex Bureau Limited  20th Century,  Fax No. 020-2242064
P. O. Box 26150 – 00100 Nairobi  Mama Ngina/ Kaunda Street
Tel: 020-2242062/3
Solid Exchange Bureau Ltd  JKIA-Unit 2 Fax: 254-2-822923
P. O. Box 19257– 00501 
Tel: 822922/0722-853769
Sterling Forex Bureau Ltd

P. O. Box 43673 – 00200 Nairobi Tel: 2228923/340624
Laxmi Plaza,
Biashara Street Fax: 254-2-330894
Sunny Forex Bureau Limited  Uniafric House,  254-2-252076 
P. O. Box 34166 – 00100  Koinange Lane
Tel: 2252013/252079
Taipan Forex Bureau Ltd  JKIA,
P. O. Box 42909 – 00100  International Arrivals Terminal Fax: 254-2-229665/248676
Tel: 827378
Tower Forex Bureau Limited P.O. Box 25934 - 00100 Nairobi       Tel. 0723434343, 0739270511, 0772372744 I & M Bank Tower, Kenyatta Avenue
Trade Bureau De Change Ltd  Cotts House
P. O. Box 7080 – 00300  City Hall Way
Nairobi  Transnational Bank Fax: 254-2-317759
Tel: 2241107
Travellers Forex Bureau Ltd  The Mall Westlands Fax: 254-2-443859
P. O. Box 13580 – 00800 Nairobi 
Tel: 447204/5/6
Travel Point Forex Bureau Limited  JKIA, 
P. O. Box 75901 – 00200  International Arrivals Terminal
Tel. 827872, 827877
Union Forex Bureau Ltd  Sarit Centre
P. O. Box 43847– 00100  Westlands Fax: 254-2-4441855
Tel: 4441855/4448327/4447618
Ventures Forex Exchange Bureau Ltd  Bishop Magua Centre,
P.O. Box 2665 - 00200  1st floor, 
Nairobi  along Ngong Road,
Tel: 0722650195
Victoria Forex Bureau De Change Ltd  Sansora Building  Fax: 254-57-202536
P. O. Box 705 – 40100  Central Square 
Kisumu  Kisumu
Tel 057-2025626/2021134/2023809
Wallstreet Bureau De Change Ltd  Bargetuny Plaza  Fax: 254- 53-2062907
P. O. Box 6841- 30100 Eldoret  Uganda Road
Tel: 053-2062907 Eldoret
Wanati Forex Bureau Limited  Diani, Mombasa
P. O. Box 88309 – 80100 
Mombasa Tel: 0202107500 
Cell: 0726925090/0733702668
Westlands Forex Bureau Ltd  Westgate,
P. O. Box 45746 – 00100  Westlands Nairobi Fax: 254-2-3748785
Tel: 3748786
Yaya Centre Exchange Bureau Ltd  Yaya Centre Fax: 254-2-3870869
P. O. Box 76302 – 00508 
Tel: 02-3869097
ZTA Forex Bureau Ltd  Greenhouse 
P. O. Box 51779 - 00200  1st floor, along Ngong Road
Tel: 0722792279

Western Union Open on Sunday in Nairobi

So you have received some cash from abroad via Western Union but it just happens that it's a Sunday and you need that cash right away. There aren't many Western Union agents in Nairobi that open on Sunday. However, there are a few that are always reliable and guaranteed to be open on Sunday.

Most Reliable Western Union To Use on Sunday

  • Western Union at Nation Centre Ground Floor - Open every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm


  1. Many banks that have Western Union services open on Sunday but their Western Union services don't work on Sunday e.g. I & M Bank and Diamond Trust. The case is the same for many forex bureaus.
  2. There are no Western Union agents in Nairobi who open during public holidays

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is Giniwasekao?

Giniwasekao is a catch word popularised by Gor Mahia footbal club fans in 2013. The word is combination of two Dholuo (luo) words, "Gini" and "Wasekao". When translated, the phrase means, "We have taken this thing". When the phrase started being  used, fans were literally saying that the Kenyan Premier League cup was Gor Mahia's to win in 2013. It is worthwhile to note that before 2013, Gor Mahia had not won the league for 18 years.

Other Variations of Giniwasekao

  1. Gini marwa - this thing is ours; short form for "gini" (this thing) "en" (is) "marwa" (ours)
  2. Gini wasekano - we have taken and kept this thing;
  3. Gini ne wakao chon - we took this thing a long time ago; short for gini nene wakao chon
  4. Gini wasebano - we have folded this thing away;
  5. Gini waseringo go - we have run away with this thing;
  6. Gini wan go - We have got this thing with us;
  7. Gini wabiroga kao - we will be taking this thing.
  8. Gini ok mawa - this thing will not be taken from us.
  9. Gigi wasekao - we have taken these things, plural for gini wasekao.
  10. Gini wasedieng'o - we have hit this thing. To mean that you are absolutely certain that indeed you have taken it.
  11. Gini wasemonjo - We have invaded this thing. 
  12. Gini usekao - You have taken this thing. 
  13. Gini okginyalkao - They cannot take this thing. 
  14. Gini wanyalo!- Yes we can!
  15. Gini waseting'o- we have carried this thing.
  16. Gini wasepando-We have hidden this thing


  1. Gor Mahia FC
  2. Gor Mahia on Wikipedia

How to Use Twitter for Business in Kenya

Kenyans have taken to Twitter by storm, but, have you ever wondered what the value of Twitter is for sales and business in Kenya. Everyone knows the indisputable value of LinkedIn for business to business sales, marketing, prospecting, and entrepreneurs in general. But Twitter is finally gaining popularity in business to business.

The latest Twitter strategies, tactics, tools, and best practices are laid out in this article.

What is Twitter?

Quite often, people’s gut reaction to Twitter is, “No one needs to know what I’m doing” or “I don’t care what other people are doing.

While this may be the surface view, Twitter is also a great way to expand your network. It is a useful communication tool that allows you to interact with people around the world in three different ways:

  1. Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly
  2. Send a short message to a specific person publicly
  3. Send a short message to a specific person privately

Twitter is also referred to as a “micro-blogging” service, meaning you can post short updates limited to 140 characters or less. Why? Originally, the limitation was created to make Twitter compatible with mobile phones and text messaging. Now, it’s a useful characteristic that allows users to receive rapid-fire, concise information from many, many people!

A Business Perspective

Twitter is a relationship building and relationship maintenance tool; the most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event or tradeshow.

However, you can also use it to:

  1. Develop and promote your brand
  2. Interact with your customer base
  3. Track what people are saying about your company and brand
  4. Create a buzz around upcoming events
  5. Help individual employees act as liaisons to the public
  6. Promote other content you’ve created such as blog posts on your website
  7. Develop direct relationships with Kenyan bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement

Setting Up and Optimizing Your Profile

Signing Up For Twitter

Before signing up, consider if you want a personal or a business Twitter account. Both are good for a company to have, but serve different purposes.

Company account: Represents the company as a whole. Use this type of account to:

  1. Keep your customer base up-to-date on your events
  2. Promote recent blog articles or news
  3. Update your consumers about products/services
  4. Give real-time updates at conferences and events

Personal account: Used by an individual employee at the company. This account type is more personalized, can be used to talk about non-company related things and is better for direct relationship building. Use this type of account to:

  1. Act as a liaison to the public for your company
  2. Update people on what you’re working on
  3. Share tidbits about your personality
  4. Expand your company’s network and make connections

To create an account, go to and click the “Sign Up” button.

Clicking this button will bring you to a page where you will select your username and password.

Your username is very important. This name will be how people will refer to you on Twitter, and potentially how people will acknowledge you if you ever meet any of your Twitter followers offline. Think of your Twitter handle as your personal brand name. That’s how important it is.

The following are a few ideas for Twitter Handles:

  1. Your full name (KimaniOdhiambo)
  2. A variation of your name (KOdhis)
  3. A combination of your name and your company (CompanyKimani)
  4. A combination of your name and your industry (MarketingKimani)

Making your Twitter handle as close to your name as possible will make it easier for people to recognize you at a conference or event. However, sometimes people will put their Twitter handles on their nametag to avoid confusion.

Using your real name on Twitter helps you look like a real, authentic person if someone stumbles upon your profile.

Twitter Handle warnings:

  1. Don’t name your Twitter handle completely random (ReggaeMan). This is a lost branding opportunity for you and your company.
  2. Avoid using numbers (Kimania123). Unless there is a reason for the specific numbers, it looks It gives an impression that you aren’t putting thought into your username.
  3. Don’t use an underscore (PR_Odhiambo). Don’t generally use underscore. It seems you are unaware of the “social norms.”

After you choose your handle and click “Create my account,” it will bring you to a screen asking to check if your email contacts are already on Twitter. If you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, feel free to see if anyone you know is already signed up. (However, you can skip this step.) If you do decide to check, beware of the prompt asking if you’d like to invite them all to Twitter. This will send a message all your contacts. Only do this if you want to.

Personalizing Your Profile

It is essential that you personalize your account before you begin interacting and following people.

Your profile is where you can reference your company, your blog, talk about your interests and list your location.

Click the “Edit Your Profile” on your profile page.

The first item in your profile is your name. Always list your real name when using Twitter for business.

For your URL, or web address, it’s best practice always to include a link. Put a link to your:

  1. Company website
  2. Blog
  3. Personal website
  4. LinkedIn Profile

In the “One Line Bio” section, be as descriptive as possible. This is your elevator pitch—your opportunity to convince people to follow you back. Consider it a snapshot of your background. You can include:

  1. Your company
  2. Your position
  3. Your hobbies/interests
  4. Your specializations
  5. Your recent projects

Protecting your tweets is not recommend. It will slow down your network growth.

By clicking on “Protect my updates” box, your Twitter stream will be private, and no one will be able to see your updates without following you. This is not recommended as enabling this option would protect your updates. Many people judge whether to follow someone back through the type of information you tweet. You are as valuable as your updates; don’t keep people from getting a peek!

Your First Tweet

You can start Tweeting even before finding people to follow. This will give people an idea of the type of content you will be tweeting. The most valuable asset is the information you provide.

So what can you tweet about?

Types of tweets:

  1. An observation: Tweet about what you’re thinking, feeling or doing
  2. What you’re reading: Post a link to an interesting blog post or news article
  3. What you’re watching: Post a link to a cool video from YouTube or any other channel
  4. What events you’re going to: Share a link to the next event you are organizing or attending
  5. Promote your content: Post a link to your most recent personal blog article or company
  6. Promote someone else’s content: Post a link to someone else’s blog article as a helpful resource
  7. Chat with someone: Send messages using an @ sign
  8. Retweet what someone else has tweeted: Retweet to repeat what someone else has said

Finding People to Follow

The most challenging and time-consuming part of using Twitter is building your network. Expanding your network doesn’t happen immediately; you need commitment and time to use Twitter effectively.

But where can you find people you would want to follow?

  1. Twitters Search ( This is a search function that helps finding people who are tweeting specific words. For example, you can find people who have tweeted about “public relations.” Follow people talking about the topics you enjoy.
  2. Follow People Your Followers are Following: Once you begin receiving updates from a handful of people, watch to see whom those people tweet using an @reply. Maybe that person would be fun to follow as well!
  3. Follow bloggers and Thought Leaders: Following your favourite Kenyan bloggers is a good strategy. Various bloggers include a link to their Twitter account on personal info section or in their sidebar.
  4. Collect Twitter Names at Events: Many social media-savvy people will include their Twitter handle on their nametag at an event. Write down their names and follow them later. By adding their handle to the end of you can find their Twitter account.
  5. Follow Hashtags (#) at Events: At every events, the organizer will establish a hashtag, so anyone tweeting at the event can include the hashtag (#) in their Tweet. Follow those people who are at the same event as you who you may not have met in person yet.

Following Warnings:

  1. Don't follow too many people immediately: Do not follow more than 25-50 people a day, because there will be a time gap between following people and they follow you back. In your profile if you are following 3,000 people and only 40 followers have followed you back so far, it appears that 2960 of those who you followed chose not to follow you chose not to follow you back. This looks like an unfavourable ratio makes you look like a bad person to add o one’s network.
  2. Remove all who don’t follow you back: Although people do this in order to have a “valuable ratio”, it is artificial network building and not a best practice.

Getting Other People to Follow You

To have valuable two-way conversations, people should follow you back and receive your updates too. It is very essential to get your profile fully set up before reaching out for new connections. If you follow someone who doesn’t already know you, there should be sufficient information about you in your profile so that person can make the decision whether to follow you back or not.

Twitter usernames should be easy to find. Create a list of all the Twitter handles of the people in your company. By giving your customers an easy way to interact with individual people, it helps them get to know the type of people who work at your company. It also gives insight to your brand!
Make your tweets useful resources so people need you. You are what you tweet. People will want to follow you if they think they will get value from your content. You want to avoid making your Twitter account purely a promotional tool.

Engaging With Your Network

How do you tweet at a specific person?

If you need to send a message to another person on Twitter, you need to use @ before the person’s name. Think of it as the “address” of tweet. This type of message is public, viewable by anyone.

Here is an example of how you would send a tweet to Kimani Odhiambo.

Example: "@kimaniOdhiambo what’s up?"

If you use @USERNAME at the beginning of the tweet, Twitter knows who to send it to. This kind of tweet is also called a reply or @reply (Pronounced “at reply”). All of the @replies you receive will go into your @Mentions tab.

If you don’t put @USERNAME at the very beginning of your tweet, it will not go to that person’s replies.

Example:Leaving for South Africa. Hope to have a wonderful trip with @Wanjiku

The above tweet would not go into Kimani Odhiambo’s Reply Tab. anytime you put @ in front of someone’s username, it automatically becomes a link to that person’s profile. With this feature it is easier to check those people’s profiles and engage with them as well.

Direct Messages:

You can also send someone a private message on Twitter. This private message is called direct message or DM. Send a direct message by either going to that person’s profile or clicking the “message” link on the person’s profile or by tweeting D USERNAME and then your message

Example: "D KimaniOdhiambo Do you want to meet tomorrow?"

This message is a private message and will not be part of public Twitter stream. You will receive an email with the direct message, and it will also go into the “Messages” tab. However, you can only DM people if you follow them and they follow you back.

Using Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is a very effective tool to drive people to your website. Regular tweeting can do wonders to establish you as a brand. Tweet about anything related to your product or service or whatever your employees have posted on your blog or website. You can mention about the new white paper which people can download for free. If your site content is truly remarkable, people may start tweeting about it on their own! They can share your resource to their friends on Twitter.

Monitor your brand on Twitter. Twitter Search tool (, can be used to search and track what people are saying about your company, products, competitors or any other hot words in your industry.

Use the Twitter “Favorites” feature as a list of company testimonials. If people have favorited any of your tweets, it could be used as a testimonial.

Use Twitter to promote events. Twitter is one of the best platforms to promote events, as engagement is very high. Best practice is to send people directly to an event sign-up page.

Using Twitter for Public Relations

Twitter can be used to build relationships with reporters, bloggers and other media people. In Kenya,. as with other parts of the world, reporters and big-time bloggers are incredibly active in social networks, especially when gathering information for stories.

Watch for tweets about editorial opportunities. Twitter is a great place for media people to look for last-minute, additional resources for their stories because the nature of Twitter is very quick response. Keep close track of tweets when following bloggers and reporters and scan for any opportunities.
Sending a Direct Message to reporters. Direct messages are very casual, and people prefer DMs to email pitches. It saves time.

Using Twitter for Customer Service

Give response to people’s concerns. A business should always designate someone to track the company’s name and products in Twitter Search. That person can address any negative comments, give feedback and help customers solve their products in real time. The speedy response will impress customers.

A company can utilize twitter account to update customers with any temporary down-time. Safaricom has used this successfully in the past. If you anticipate a down-time or there’s a glitch which needs to be fixed, twitter works best. Your customers will be less upset and more appreciative that your company is trying its best to relieve the problem.

Follow back everyone who follow your Company Account. Although the company can pick and choose whom to follow back, there’s no reason to limit. Also, the added benefit of following back everyone who follows your company account is the ability to DM you.

Sending an auto direct message whenever someone new follows should be avoided.


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