Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Apply For an Endorsement of Driving License

If you have your driving license and would like to drive other types of vehicles apart from those authorized on your driving license, then you need to apply for a Driving Class Endorsement. This service upgrades your driving entitlements following licensing to drive other vehicles.

Here are the details regarding this service:

The regulating agency is the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA ) and applications are via made eCitizen. However, the NTSA is now insisting that drivers take a driving exam before being issued with an endorsement for a new class. You first have to visit book a driving test and get tested before you can be issued with an endorsement. 

Endorsement Driving License Instructions

  1. Log into eCitizen and look for the NTSA link.
  2. Click Make Application 
  3. Click on Driving Licenses and scroll down to Driving Class Endorsement or Driving Class Endorsement (Class A or J Only), if you want a Class A or J endorsement. 
  4. Click Apply Now 
  5. Insert the details requested
  6. Make the payment of 550 via Mpesa and follow the instructions to get the endorsement

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