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What is Ransomware and How Can You Avoid Becoming a Victim?

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) recently issued a fresh alert on a virus targeting Windows operating systems. It denies users access to data in their computers until a ransom has been paid. The ransomware virus, which goes by the name Petya, is similar to the WannaCry ransomware virus that massively attacked computers across the world in May this year.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and either locks the computer or encrypts the files. Once infected, the computer displays a message demanding a ransom to unlock or decrypt the computer. The message usually contains details on how the ransom can be paid. The most common method of payment used by cyber criminals is bitcoin.

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

  • Always keep two backups of your data, one on an external hard drive and another on a cloud application such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Install an antivirus software program that comes with ransomware protection and real-time scanning.
  • Never open emails from people you don't know, don't download attachments from people you don't know and never click links in emails until you are sure the links are genuine. A bit of common sense is needed here. 
  • Keep your operating system and other software up-to-date. Don't ignore software updates like most people have a habit of doing.

Ransomware Rescue Plan if You Get Infected

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Serena Williams’s Love Match

photographs by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

This is a love story.

It wasn’t seamless, starry eyes at first light. There was a discovery, unexpected and shocking. There were moments of really getting pissed and the standard irritation that comes when one-half of the whole kept leaving the suitcase in the hallway. But there were also moments of unplanned intimacy that is the only true kind of intimacy in a love story, soft touches and laughter and absurdity, because you need absurdity in a love story, since love is slightly absurd anyway, a feeling that, like eternity, is indefinable.

Which leads us, on the surface at least, to the seemingly mismatched pairing of 35-year-old Serena Williams and her fiancé, 34-year-old Alexis Ohanian. She is the beyond remarkable tennis player, although all superlatives are pointless. He is in the high cotton of high tech as the co-founder of the Web site Reddit, which has 234 million unique monthly users. They became engaged last December, after first meeting roughly a year and a half earlier, then found out in January that Serena was pregnant. They will be married in the fall after the birth of the baby.

With 23 grand-slam wins on the women’s pro tennis tour spanning nearly three decades—from her first, at 17 years old, in September of 1999, to her latest, at 35, in January of 2017, and the most in the open era—Serena is in the heart of every conversation concerning the best athlete of her time. “If I were a man, then it wouldn’t be any sort of question,” she told me. She may well be right, a society still conditioned to believe that men are better than women in everything except the superfluous.

Alexis, on the other hand, had never seen a tennis match until he met Serena, in May of 2015 in Rome. He knew so little about the game that the photo he excitedly posted on Instagram of her playing her first match in the Italian Open showed her foot faulting.

Serena plays a sport that requires the mental focus of instantaneously letting go of losing points and moving on because there are a lot of excruciating ones no matter how great you are, continual regrouping and re-inventing: dwell on them, you lose confidence; lose confidence and you lose. She is also superbly conditioned, given that a female tennis player may run about three miles in a match without the luxury of coming out of the game because you feel winded or lost too much money gambling with teammates the night before on the charter and would rather mope on the bench.

Alexis’s athletic history amounted to the level of a very gangly defensive tackle for Howard High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, far more interested in science fairs and programming and building Web sites. His skill at tennis is not one of potential; when Serena offered to give him a lesson, he turned it down so he could tell his friends that he once turned down a lesson with Serena Williams.

Serena has been romantically linked in the past to such rappers as Drake and Common. Once, when she and Alexis went to a movie in San Francisco, he got up from his seat to get popcorn, earning the admiration of the kid at the counter.

Reddit, Rome, and rats? Watch the video below for a primer on the unlikely beginning of Serena Williams’s and Alexis Ohanian’s romance.

“Yo, dude, that wasn’t Serena Williams, was it?”

“Come on. Me? Really?”

“You’re right.”

Before we get to how Serena and Alexis actually met, or a better sense of who he really is, or her reaction to the pregnancy and how she told him, it’s probably wise to spend a little time with Serena Williams to give our love story some context.

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Serena Williams is the best tennis player in history, with an aggregate winning percentage of 85.76 percent and 72 tournaments won on the Women’s Tennis Association tour (including the 23 grand-slam victories in 29 singles finals, not to mention 14 doubles finals with sister Venus). She has earned $84,463,131 in career prize money and nearly twice that in endorsements and appearance fees.

Thirty is the point of no return for most female tennis players, but Serena has only gotten better since, with 10 grand-slam wins and almost running the four-tournament table—the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open—in 2015. She has been ranked No. 1 in the world longer than anyone other than Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, and is the obvious favorite to win any tournament she chooses to play in.

But then an unforeseen discovery left both Serena and Alexis in shock. Which is perfect for our love story, since a love story without drama is just another story.


It began to unfold roughly a week before the beginning of the Australian Open, in Melbourne, last January, not that anyone would have known. After playing poorly in her first match of the year, in which she felt she had missed too many backhands, she went to the practice court and for two and a half to three hours hit 2,500 of them, by her estimation. If she missed one, she started over. She did roughly the same the next practice day.

But she felt a little different physically. She had unexpectedly thrown up at one point and her breasts had enlarged. She thought it might be hormonal. But her friend Jessica Steindorff immediately suspected something else and suggested a pregnancy test. Serena thought it was ludicrous.

Jessica worked on her for two days until Serena relented, and so Jessica went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy kit.

“I’ll take it just because (a) to prove you wrong and (b) because it’s fun, whatever. It’s like a joke. Why not?”

GRANDSTAND “I don’t know what to do with a baby. I have nothing.... I’ve done absolutely nothing for the baby room.”

That Friday, as Serena was doing her hair and makeup for an event sponsored by the lingerie company Berlei, where she is a spokesperson for its line of sports bras, she took the test in the bathroom. “I put it down. I went back to finishing hair and makeup, was laughing, talking. I was getting the styling done. An hour and a half later, I went back to the bathroom and I totally forgot about it because it was impossible for me. . . . So I went back to get dressed and I went back in the bathroom and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that test.’ ”

Jessica shrieked in delight at the results. Serena, as she put it, “did a double take and my heart dropped. Like literally it dropped.

“Oh my God, this can’t be—I’ve got to play a tournament,” said Serena. “How am I going to play the Australian Open? I had planned on winning Wimbledon this year.”

But never underestimate the Serena Stubbornness, as legendary in certain circles as her first serve. Beleaguered Jessica went back to the hotel pharmacy and bought five more test kits to further convince her.

Test No. 2: Positive. Test No. 3: Positive. Test No. 4: Positive. Test No. 5: Positive. Test No. 6: Positive.

Which is an opportune time in our love story to bring in the father and rewind to the moment Serena met Alexis and Alexis met Serena.

MAY 2015

Although in his early 30s, there is something still gushingly boyish about Alexis, six feet five inches and lean, with the moppish hairstyle that college tour guides favor as they extol all the wonders of the campus, including the mail room and the six-shooter cereal dispenser. In his case the corporate offices of Reddit, in the Union Square area of San Francisco, which look oddly unfinished—as if to say, Why be bothered with such trivialities in the hip high-tech culture?—twentysomething savants engrossed by their computer screen with heads slightly hunched, the way people used to look when they were engrossed by books, searching for the next Pied Piperian breakthrough and likely finding it before lunch is served on the second floor from a line of stainless-steel buffet trays winking and nodding with nutritious options.

Alexis was born in Brooklyn and raised in the nationally known planned community of Columbia, Maryland. Reddit’s origins go back to 2004 during his junior year at the University of Virginia, when he took an L.S.A.T. prep exam for law school, got about midway through the first section, and went to the Waffle House on Route 29 in Charlottesville to have waffles. He realized he did not want to be a lawyer, just as he had also realized that his real love was programming and building Web sites. He teamed with Steve Huffman, an engineering major, whom he had met the first day of freshman year.

They came up with the concept for Reddit, a Web site self-described as “the front page of the Internet,” in which users interact and respond to a myriad of topics that interest them. The number of users went up rapidly, and, in 2006, 16 months after launching it, he and Huffman, still in their early 20s, sold the company to Condé Nast (which also publishes this magazine) for a reported $10 to $15 million. The price was a fraction of what Reddit has been estimated to be worth today: $4 billion. Alexis sheepishly admitted that they may have sold the company a little early.

He left Reddit and went to Armenia, where his father’s family is originally from, to do volunteer work. He wrote a book called Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed, and traveled the United States for five months to promote it on a bus that went to 80 universities because he wanted to be on a bus that traveled around the country. He became a leading voice in stopping government intervention on the Internet. He helped invent the travel Web site Hipmunk. Several years ago, he and Huffman returned to Reddit as executive chairman and chief executive officer, respectively, the company once again independent.

Alexis and Serena met the way two people do in the best love stories: by chance. Actually, it runs a little deeper than that because, let’s face it, Alexis was initially considered by Serena and the others she was with to be an irritant they were hoping would just get the hint and go away.

The location was the Cavalieri hotel, in Rome, on May 12, 2015. That night Serena was about to play her first match in the Italian Open. She is not a morning person and usually doesn’t eat breakfast, but the buffet offering at the Cavalieri was beyond extravagant and Jessica was champing at the bit, so they went to try it along with longtime agent Jill Smoller, of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and Zane Haupt, who handles some business-development opportunities for Serena.

The buffet had closed down five minutes before the group got there, so their only recourse was to go to the pool area and sit at a table for four and order breakfast. Other people on Serena’s team were expected at an adjoining table.

The night before, Alexis had stayed up until one or two in the morning drinking at a café with Kristen Wiig and friends—Wiig was in Rome shooting Zoolander 2, and he knew her cousin, so he introduced himself. He passed out when he got back to the hotel, where he was staying for the Festival of Media Global conference, and was slightly hungover when he came down to breakfast. He too headed out to the pool area. Which is when he decided without thinking about it to sit at the table next to Serena, his only interest to get coffee and food and put on his headphones and work on his laptop. Which struck Serena and the others as a pain in the neck, since Alexis had a choice of other empty tables.

“I knew it was coming,” she says of the proposal. “I was like, ‘Serena, you’re ready. This is what you want.’ ”

“This big guy comes and he just plops down at the table next to us, and I’m like, ‘Huh! All these tables and he’s sitting here?,’ ” Serena remembered. Alexis recalled that the pool area was “not quite so empty.”

Then came the quintessential Australian accent of Zane Haupt. “Aye, mate! There’s a rat. There’s a rat by your table. You don’t want to sit there.”

Serena started laughing.

“We were trying to get him to move and get out of there,” said Serena. “He kind of refuses and he looks at us. And he’s like, ‘Is there really a rat here?’ ” At which point Serena remembers the first words she ever said to him.

“No, we just don’t want you sitting there. We’re going to use that table.”

“I’m from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time.”

“Oh, you’re not afraid of rats?”


Which is when Serena suggested a compromise and invited Alexis to join them.

Which is when Alexis became “98 percent sure” that the person asking about his rat tolerance was Serena Williams. He knew generally about her accomplishments on the court. But Alexis, an avid pro-football-and-basketball fan, had “never watched a match on television or in real life. It was literally the sport—even if ESPN was announcing tennis updates, I would just zone out. . . . I really had no respect for tennis.”

He did keep this to himself.

Serena asked about the tech conference and whom Alexis had come to hear speak. He later described the question as a “softball lobbed over the plate” that even he could hit out of the park.

“Actually, I’m here to speak.”

Alexis told her about Reddit. Serena knew nothing about it but acted as if she did, and said she had been on it earlier in the morning.

To which Alexis asked, “Oh, were you? What do you like about it?”

To which Serena gave a very long “Wellllll . . . ” and was saved by Jessica and Jill chiming in.

Serena Williams has long been queen of the tennis court, but her success also extends to business, fashion, and philanthropy. Watch the video below to see some of her biggest career achievements.

Serena started asking him about her Web site and if she should have an app. Alexis thought, “This is an interesting, charming, beautiful woman.” But he had just come out of a five-year relationship and was still slightly hungover and “I was not thinking beyond ‘Yeah sure, I can give you some feedback on your Web site.’ ”

Serena thought he was interested in Jessica. But she did give him her number—she later said it was only because she might have more tech-related questions. He was eminently likable, and Jill, after finding out he was a client of WME for his speaking gigs, invited him to the match that night.

Serena had an injury and did not play well but still won. Afterward, she and her team got on a van to head back to the hotel. Alexis was on board as well and Serena freaked out a little bit.

“I see this super-tall guy get in our [van], and I was like, ‘Oh my God, Jill. Tell me what’s wrong. Do I have another stalker? Why is Rome sending personal security with me. . . . And she’s like, ‘No, that’s Alexis.’ I remembered his name because it was a unique name. I was like, ‘Oh, I remember.’ ”

After recognizing him, she invited Alexis to join her team for dinner that night. It didn’t work out. But something was in the air, and as our love story continues, there’s only one place to find out just what.

After Serena won the Australian Open, the next big tournament was the second leg of the grand-slam circuit, the French Open, at Roland-Garros, later that month. She texted Alexis that she was bummed that he had not seen her play well in Rome and proposed that maybe he should come to Paris. To Alexis, it was one of those classically inverse L.A.-style invites that are extended because you are sure it will never happen.

But Alexis did come to Paris for the weekend. Not that he had any particular expectations. “Even if she blows me off and we don’t even hang out, I’m still going to have an amazing time in Paris, and I’ll have an even better story for all my childhood friends when I was like, ‘Yeah, I went to Paris for a weekend. I was supposed to meet up with Serena Williams, she blew me off, but I’ve got other friends there, and we had a great time.’ ”

The tournament, which Serena would ultimately win, had not started yet. So Alexis and Serena got into an Uber near Serena’s apartment and drove toward the Eiffel Tower. They stopped at a zoo Serena knew about called La Ménagerie in the Jardin des Plantes, then at a stall selling candies. Serena became excited, like a small child, and Alexis bought her some.

They just walked and roamed, Serena placing her faith in Alexis because he was a tried-and-true traveler, where all you needed was a backpack and the only rules were none. Alexis also sensed that this was not something Serena ever got to do as a worldwide celebrity, so much of her life being about regimen and glamorous scenes where acolytes circled like fireflies. For six hours they walked all over, the magic of the day multiplied by the city’s heartbreak of beauty, which only made it more beautiful.

APRIL 2016

The day of his birthday, April 24, Alexis went to the Carousel Restaurant in Little Armenia in Los Angeles with his grandparents. Serena and he FaceTimed. She was calling to say happy birthday, which might not sound like a big deal but was because she is a Jehovah’s Witness and part of the religion is not to celebrate birthdays. She was doing something she normally would not do, reaching beyond, telling him on the phone how wonderful their lives together had been.

Alexis knew then he wanted to marry her, not simply out of happiness or compatibility. She was helping him become the best version of himself because of her own work ethic and focus, with millions watching and the expectation of the public that she should win every time, what Serena herself described as carrying “three pyramids” on her shoulder. He thought he worked hard—it is part of the romance of high tech that everyone works 18 hours a day and then curls up under the desk for a few hours’ sleep with their laptop as teddy bear and pacifier—but he realized it was nothing compared with Serena.

“I felt like a door had been opened to a person who made me want to be my best self. . . . I find myself just wanting to be better by simply being around her because of the standard she holds.”


Alexis decided he would surprise Serena by proposing to her on December 10 in virtually the same spot he had first met her: the Cavalieri. It was an intricate and tactical plan, several months in the making. Serena was scheduled to play in an exhibition in India, so Jill Smoller talked her into making a stopover on the way back and spending the night at the Cavalieri. Then the exhibition was canceled. There was no reason for Serena to go to Italy. Plus, she was beginning training for the Australian Open, and when Serena gets close to a grand-slam event, practice becomes a personal Hacksaw Ridge—fury, broken rackets, sometimes tears. Now going to Rome?

Alexis scrambled to enlist the help of others. Serena’s executive assistant, Dakota Baynham, secretly packed her bags. Tommy Hilfiger did a major solid by scheduling a meeting at her house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, to discuss some fashion-related items so she would be there to get picked up for the airport. Jill came to the house and told her that she had to go to Italy because Alexis wanted her there under the guise of a spontaneous trip, much like the one they had taken to Disney World a few weeks earlier.

Serena wasn’t happy. Actually, she was livid. But after she got on the plane, she realized that he was flying her out for only one reason. “I knew it was coming. I was like, ‘Serena, you’re 35, you’re ready. This is what you
want.’ ”

Alexis picked the same room they had shared a year earlier, the hotel at his instruction filling it with flowers. He took her downstairs to the same table by the pool area where they had first met. No one else was there, since the hotel, also at his instruction, had cleared everyone else out. He retold the story of how he had met her for the first time at this exact spot two years earlier. On the table was a little plastic rat.

Alexis got on one knee and proposed.


Once Serena knew she was pregnant, she called Alexis and told him he needed to come to Melbourne earlier than planned. She did not give him the reason, but Alexis thought it was likely health-related and immediately got a United flight out of San Francisco. When she saw him, not a word was said.

She handed him a paper bag with the six positive pregnancy tests.

He was as shocked as Serena. But there wasn’t time to dwell. The Australian Open was about to begin, and an immediate medical determination had to be made on what risk there might be in playing. The doctor who examined her thought she was about three or four weeks pregnant—it was almost impossibly hard to tell because the fetus was so small—and said there was no risk whatsoever. When Serena returned to the States and had a subsequent exam, it was discovered that she had actually been more advanced, about seven to eight weeks, but she said she still would have played. There were only five people who knew during the tournament: Alexis, Jessica, Jill, Venus, and the doctor. Not even Serena’s coach knew. Nor did tournament officials.

In her earlier years Serena was all about sheer aggressiveness, playing to the strength of opponents and still beating them. She has gotten more strategic, but her game still pivots on power, a first serve that often clocks in at somewhere around 120 miles an hour and is one of the best ever in tennis. The speed is lethal, but it is complemented by a perfect technique in which she tosses the ball in the air with the same trajectory every serve so her opponent has no idea where she is aiming. Assuming her opponent can even get to the first serve, it often makes for a weak return that enables Serena to finish off a point with short, three- or four-stroke rallies that conserve strength. This obviously helps her endurance and allows her, a great three-set player, to win a match.

The Australian Open presented a new challenge that Serena had never faced before in her career. Because of the pregnancy she did not have the same endurance. She could uncharacteristically feel herself getting tired between points, particularly long ones. If a match went to three sets she knew she would lose, so she was determined to make every match two sets. She also had to deal with the Melbourne heat, which can be vicious on the court in the late afternoon: despite hating playing in the morning, Serena, because she had the option of choosing the match time in the early rounds, played as many as possible at 11 A.M.

You had to win seven matches to win the tournament.

Serena won them all in straight sets.

MAY 2017

It is a typical day in Palm Beach Gardens, the temperature in the mid-80s and enough humidity to get your attention. Serena is on the back patio, curled up on a white outdoor couch trimmed with wicker. There is none of the pouty celebrity I-would-rather-be-doing-anything-other-than-this monosyllabic slouch, nor is every answer punctuated with Sorry-I-have-to-take-this-call. There are a few moments when she pauses and talks to Chip, her beloved teacup Yorkie, who is slightly bigger than her hand, and whom she calls “her son” and clearly means it.

She is now a little more than six months pregnant and showing, which is helping her face the reality that she is having a baby, because “it just doesn’t seem real. I don’t know why. Am I having a baby?

“If you would have told me last year in October or November that I would have a baby, not be pregnant but have a baby, I would have thought you were the biggest liar in the world. This is kind of how I am right now. This is happening sooner than later, and it’s going by so fast.”

If there is no giddiness, there is no panic. Says her friend Diondria Thornton, Serena “loves being pregnant.” But it’s not that simple. “I can also see competition creeping in on her. Is this over yet? I think she’s getting this itch . . . to see her intensity and her workout—‘I have to stay fit. I have to get back on the court.’ Very determined to get back on the court.”

Serena says she will return to the tennis circuit as soon as January because “I don’t think my story is over yet.”

She is slowly converting one of the guest rooms of her house into the baby’s room but as of May hadn’t made any further preparations. “I don’t know what to do with a baby. I have nothing. . . . I’ve done absolutely nothing for the baby room.” She is more than busy: the working out, about to launch her own online fashion site, recently named to the board of SurveyMonkey, an online survey platform. She won’t get to the bulk of baby paraphernalia until later in the summer, when moving around will be much harder and she will be, as she puts it, “bored to tears.”

Alexis, of course, is earnestly preparing and already has a tip jar he puts money into whenever he uses profanity so he won’t utter it around the baby. He also wants to make sure that Chip, his future stepson, is psychologically cool with a baby in the house.

Alexis and Serena still try to see each other every weekend in what will be a bi-coastal relationship until marriage. Alexis is looking forward to the marriage. Serena, with tongue floating somewhere in cheek, says, “I’m trying to enjoy the little freedom I have left.” They are largely homebodies when together, cooking with each other—although Serena is very proprietary about her tacos—playing the game Heads Up!, in which player No. 1 calls up a name on their cell-phone screen, places it on forehead, and player No. 2 gives clues to see if player No. 1 gets the right answer before time runs out. There is another version, in which the clues are in the form of impressions, and Serena tries earnestly, even though, according to Alexis, she is frankly terrible, whereas Alexis takes pride in doing some pretty good ones. Alexis is aware that when you are in tech the word “nerd” becomes a suffix next to your name. But he says that Serena is really the nerd, knowing, for example, all the words to the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender by heart.

Marriages are impossible to predict. Fairy tales become broken tales, love stories turn into stories of love lost, initial euphoria into a wish for marital euthanasia. The trouble with love is that it comes with the guarantee of nothing.

The nature of it is risk, happiness and hurt in the same muscle of the heart. Maybe Serena and Alexis are too different. Maybe she won’t be able to give enough when she is giving to a baby even before the marriage begins. Maybe he will feel he is making too many sacrifices in his spectacular and exciting career to accommodate Serena, since her career is even more spectacular and exciting.

Perhaps the prospect of a continued love story is as realistic as Serena’s insistence that she will return to the pro tennis circuit as soon as January because “I don’t think my story is over yet.” But if she says she will be back in January, she will be back in January. Anyone who has met Serena for more than five seconds knows that.

The marriage? How can it not thrive when the first date was six hours in Paris—with no particular destination—where no matter how crowded the streets and alleyways winding through the city, there was no one else except the two of you.

Now that’s a love story.

Reprinted from: Vanity Fair

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Buy an SGR Ticket Via Mpesa

The Standard Gauge Railway Service/Madaraka Express was launched successfully on 1st June 2017. The Kenya Railways Corporation has now put in place an Mpesa SGR Kenya booking system.

SGR Kenya Booking Instructions

  1. Call 0709 388 888 between 7 am and 4 pm and provide your preferred travel dates, class and destination. 
  2. If the travel dates are available, the ticketing officer will enter your name, date of travel, the preferred class, destination, your mobile number and generate the amount you need to pay.
  3. You will receive an SMS showing you the SGR/Madaraka Express paybill number (809888), payment ID and amount.
  4. Go to Mpesa and use the details in the SMS to make payment.
  5. You will instantly receive ticket details via SMS.
  6. When you get to the station, look for a self-service machine to print out your ticket or visit the dedicated M-Pesa ticketing window. 
  7. Wait for the boarding call to board the train and follow any instructions issued by Kenya Railways staff. 

SGR Kenya Tips & Warnings

  • SGR online booking is also available via various online services.
  • Be sure to check their website, Twitter or Facebook pages to confirm the SGR Kenya schedule/departure times. 
  • Kenya Railways telephone (SGR Kenya contacts) numbers for support are +254728603581, +254728603582, +254708572574
  • The above procedure may be changed soon to make more seamless. 


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List of Pharmacies in Embu

The following is a list of pharmacies in Embu. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Jade Health Care Opp Consolidated Bank
P.O.Box: 407 10101 Karatina
(+254) 0770 543705
Kirinyaga Community Pharmacy Ltd Opp Kagio Mosque
P.O.Box: 55 10306 Kagio
(+254) 0722 877617
Maina Wangechi Jabez Pharmacy Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 538 60100 Embu

Modesty Pharmacy Embu/Nairobi Rd
P.O.Box: 108 10303 Wanguru
(+254) 0722 629847
Priory Pharmaceuticals Ltd Town Hse, Kubukubu Rd
P.O.Box: 2086 60100 Embu
(+254) 0723 972358
Richard P Kubu Kubu Rd
P.O.Box: 2261 60100 Embu
(+254) 0723 094084, (+254) 0733 965700
Sagala Pharmacy Near Equity Bank, Kerugoya/Kutus Rd
P.O.Box: 1268 10300 Kerugoya
(+254) 0721 543490
Tan Pharmacy Kubu Kubu Rd
P.O.Box: 1608 60100 Embu
(+254) 0722 892521
Wambugu Pharmarcy
(+254) 0717 565116
Woodstreet Pharmacy Makutano/Embu Rd
P.O.Box: 31221 00600 Ngara Rd
(+254) 0720 222333, (+254) 0733 787875

Thursday, June 22, 2017

List of Pharmacies in Kakamega

The following is a list of pharmacies in Kakamega. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Sparkles Pharmaceuticals Cannon Awori St
P.O.Box: 820 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0722 570216
Reki Pharmacy Ltd Reki Pharmacy Ltd Bldg Next to Yako Supermarket, opp KCB Bank, Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 226 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0720 769017, (+254) 0739 599991
Kito Pharmaceuticals Ltd opp Premier Hotel, Cannon Awori St
P.O.Box: 1725 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0724 641111, (+254) 0737 643850
N P Cannon Awori St
P.O.Box: 126 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0724 653585
Samrose Chemist Hassan Were Rd
P.O.Box: 1117 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0733 858834
Shiru Chemist Mwalimu Centre, 1st Flr, Muruli Rd
P.O.Box: 2288 50100 Kakamega
(+254) 0733 887527
Reki Pharmacy Opp KCB, Next to Mid Town Nakumatt, Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 809 50100 Kakamega

Aga Khan University Hospital - Kakamega Mega Mall, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 962 50100 Kakamega

List of Pharmacies in Kiambu

The following is a list of pharmacies in Kiambu. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Africana Chemist Ltd Opp Catholic Church
P.O.Box: 728 00902 Kikuyu
(+254) 0710 826381
Aga Khan University Hospital - Kiambu Standard Chartered Bldg
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

Aga Khan University Hospital - Kikuyu Medical Centre Muguku Plaza, 1st Flr, Kikuyu-Nderi Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0733 447930
Aga Khan University Hospital - Thika Thika Arcade, 1st Flr
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

Augmed Pharmaceuticals Elkika And Lowaki
P.O.Box: 28972 00200 City Square
(+254) 0721 457908
Cama Pharmacy Ltd Opp Shell Petrol Station, Garissa Rd
P.O.Box: 3657 01002 Madaraka

Camellia Pharmacy Ltd Double S Bldg, Gr Flr, Kiambu Rd
P.O.Box: 1304 00621 Village Market

Chania Stage Pharmacy Chania Stage Pharmacy Bldg Opp Githitu Stores, Gr Flr, Kwame Nkrumah Rd
P.O.Box: 1638 01000 Thika
(+254) 0726 724812
Dawa Mart Pharmaceuticals Ltd Kidfarmaco, Robin Hse, Gr Flr, Rm 2, Ondiri Rd
P.O.Box: 160 00902 Kikuyu
(+254) 0711 920569
Dien Pharmacy
(+254) 0733 805822
Faith Pharmacy Genesis, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 567 00605 Uthiru
(+254) 0722 322470
Furaha (K) Ltd Boni Kiumu Bldg, Gr Flr, Commercial St Opp Telkom Orange Shop
P.O.Box: 110 00100 Nairobi GPO

Gathimaini Pharmaceuticals Twin Oak Plaza Opp Tabby Hse, Gr Flr, Kwame Nkrumah Rd
P.O.Box: 4265 01002 Madaraka
(+254) 0723 486327, (+254) 0732 401666
Gum Tree Pharmacy Ruiru Commercial St
P.O.Box: 7172 00232 Ruiru

Gutrose Pharmacy Ltd Gathamaro Bldg, Waiyaki Way
P.O.Box: 360 00902 Kikuyu
(+254) 0714 504292
Jaykat Pharmacy Geokika Hse, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 25152 00602 Kabete
(+254) 0726 925831
Kiambu Pharmacy Biashara St
P.O.Box: 1241 00900 Kiambu
(+254) 0722 311890
Luc Pharmacy Jamhuri Bldg, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 1516 00902 Kikuyu
(+254) 0722 868653, (+254) 0736 297137
Madon Pharmaceuticals Ltd opp Mathai Supermark, Victory Plaza, Gr Flr, Mama Ngina St (+254) 0726 608487
Menya Chemist Ngoi Bldg, Gr Flr, Stadium Rd
P.O.Box: 2297 01000 Thika
(+254) 0733 438115
Rosam Chemist Phase 12 Off Garissa Rd
P.O.Box: 4940 01002 Madaraka
(+254) 0721 260768
Ruai Pharmaceuticals Ltd Kenya Canners Plaza Behind Nakumatt Supermarket
P.O.Box: 6923 01000 Thika
(+254) 0703 769690

List of Pharmacies in Kisumu

The following is a list of pharmacies in Kisumu. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Lakepharm Ltd Hamilton Hse, Gr Flr Off Oginga Odinga St
P.O.Box: 1345 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0721 257355
Suredoze Pharmacy Ltd Varsity Plaza, Achieng'' Oneko Rd
P.O.Box: 2333 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0722 714096
Leo Chemist Ltd Kisumu/Kakamega Rd
P.O.Box: 3146 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0722 356256
Bondo Doorstep Pharmacy Bondo Town, Next to Easy Coach office, Bondo/Usenge Rd
P.O.Box: 259 40601 Bondo
(+254) 0728 899497, (+254) 0733 760595
Aga Khan University Hospital - Kisumu Aga Khan University Hospital, Otieno Oyoo St
P.O.Box: 530 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0733 687800
Membo Richard United Mall, Kakamega Rd
P.O.Box: 4584 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0733 259134
Humana Pharmaceuticals (K) Ltd Jubilee Insurance Hse, Oginga Odinga Rd
P.O.Box: 321 40100 Kisumu

Nyanza Pharmacy Otuoma Rd
P.O.Box: 1008 40100 Kisumu

List of Pharmacies in Kajiado County

The following is a list of pharmacies in Kajiado County. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Aga Khan University Hospital - Kitengela Medical Centre Milele Centre Next to Diamond Trust Bank, Gr Flr, Kajiado Rd off Namanga Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

Aga Khan University Hospital - Ongata Rongai Ongata Mall Complex, 1st Flr, Kiserian Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0733 441419
Almond Pharmacy Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 8687 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0722 338449, (+254) 0735 711700
Flame Pharmacy Ltd Kins Arcade, Gr Flr, Ongata Rongai Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 20926 00205 Magadi

Isinyachem Pharmacy Isinyachem Pharmacy Bldg, Namanga Rd
P.O.Box: 50 01100 Kajiado
(+254) 0720 701131
Lenana Pharmaceuticals Namanga Rd
P.O.Box: 699 00204 Athi River
(+254) 0734 796974
Luthuli Pharmacy Ltd Near Tuskys, Macjo Arcade, Gr Flr, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 10542 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0721 446654
New Steta Pharmacy next to Tuskys, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 2496 00511 Ongata Rongai
(+254) 0725 112167
Ongata Medical Clinic Njenga, Gr Flr, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 60496 00200 City Square

Pentapharm Ltd - Kitengela Red Heron Centre, Gr Flr, Namanga Rd
P.O.Box: 42445 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0736 786145
Pesca Pharmacy Ltd Rongai Business Centre, Gr Flr, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 47809 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0734 797626
Plain Kitengela Pharmacy Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 173 00242 Ewaso Kedong
(+254) 0722 748476
South Rift Pharmaceuticals Ltd
(+254) 0721 451082

List of Pharmacies in Machakos

The following is a list of pharmacies in Machakos. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Thwake Pharmacy Bus Stage
P.O.Box: 1431 90139 Ekalakala

Achobec Chemist Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 666 00204 Athi River
(+254) 0720 200920
Aga Khan University Hospital - New Machakos Medical Centre Shanbad Hse, behind Naivas Supermarket off Syokimau Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

Aga Khan University Hospital - Machakos Kitanga Hse, Gr Flr, Ngei Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

List of Pharmacies in Malindi

The following is a list of pharmacies in Malindi. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Ventureland & Pharmacy Ventureland & Pharmacy Bldg, Malindi Rd
P.O.Box: 5681 80200 Malindi
(+254) 0720 432195
Burhani Pharmacy Lamu Rd
P.O.Box: 806 80200 Malindi

Mimosa Pharmacy Ltd - Watamu Next to Pennywise, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 1852 00621 Village Market

List of Pharmacies in Mombasa

The following is a list of pharmacies in Mombasa. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
El-Amin Pharmacy Abdul Nasser Rd
P.O.Box: 16482 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0735 838753
Melz Pharmacy Tom Mboya Rd
P.O.Box: 86436 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0722 717664
Dipsun Pharmacy Bashahil''s Bldg, Jomo Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 43375 80100 Mombasa

Seaside Pharmacy
(+254) 0722 764640
Stormgrand Enterprises (Africa) Ltd - Nyali Pharmacy Opp Ratna Square
P.O.Box: 83508 80100 Mombasa

Carle Pharmacy Mombasa/Malindi Rd
P.O.Box: 81993 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0723 718368
Perfect Pharmaceuticals
(+254) 0722 222787
Makupa Chemists Ltd Jomo Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 98300 80100 Mombasa

Medisel (Mombasa) Ltd Archbishop Makarios Rd
P.O.Box: 99419 80107 Kilindini
(+254) 0716 827316, (+254) 0736 957033
C Mehta & Co Ltd - Mombasa Digo Rd
P.O.Box: 80314 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0722 700101, (+254) 0734 600246
Limo Pharmacy Ltd Likoni Rd
P.O.Box: 80059 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0721 361729
Medichem Pharmacy Digo Rd
P.O.Box: 88016 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0722 502702

A list of Pharmacies in Nakuru

The following is a list of pharmacies in Nakuru. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Sako Pharmaceuticals Ltd Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 1857 20100 Nakuru

Goodka Pharmaceuticals Ltd Biashara Centre, Mburu Gichua Rd
P.O.Box: 219 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0733 857987
Rwan Pharmacy Ltd Dubai Shopping Complex Opp Total Petrol Station, Gr Flr, Mburu Gichua Rd
P.O.Box: 17795 20100 Nakuru

Elim Central Pharmacy Opposite Ukwala Supermarket, Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 17306 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0720 740908
Muaki Chemists Pinkam Hse, Mburu Gichua Rd
P.O.Box: 17182 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0722 965156
Aga Khan University Hospital - Naivasha Medical Centre Wambuku Hotel Annex Next to Posta, Moi Rd
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO

Aga Khan University Hospital - Nakuru Westside Mall, Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0733 447674
Aga Khan University Hospital - Diagnostic Centre Nakuru Adjacent to Nakuru War Memorial Hospital off Nakuru/Nairobi Rd
P.O.Box: 1176 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0731 973826
Switzer Pharmacy Ltd - Nakuru Nehru Rd Near Nakuru Mosque
P.O.Box: 2829 20100 Nakuru

List of Pharmacies in Nyeri

The following is a list of pharmacies in Nyeri. Contact information and physical addresses are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Wasafiri Pharmacy Karatina/Nyeri Rd
P.O.Box: 407 10101 Karatina

Lucichem Pharmacy Gakindu Mkt, Mukurweini/Othaya Rd
P.O.Box: 2164 10100 Nyeri
(+254) 0722 879457
Kieni Pharmacy Ltd

Mukurweini Pharmaceutical Gakere Rd
P.O.Box: 2196 10100 Nyeri
(+254) 0722 309001
Rware Pharmacy Ltd Lwale Place, Kenyatta Rd
P.O.Box: 2028 10100 Nyeri
(+254) 0733 583320
Aga Khan University Hospital - Nyeri Prestige Plaza, Gr Flr, Kimathi Way
P.O.Box: 30270 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0731 338014

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

List of Signage Companies

Do you need a sign for your business? The following is a list of signage companies in Kenya. Contact information and physical location are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Fast Signs Adverts Ltd Polychem Hse, Kweria Rd, Off Kirinyaga RD
P.O.Box: 59296 00200 City Square
(+254) 202387996, (+254) 722 516 910
Add-Vice Promotions Teak Hse, Kirinyaga Rd
P.O.Box: 44364 00100 Nairobi GPO

Adscope the Sign Centre Ltd Comet Hse, Monrovia St, Nairobi
P.O.Box: 46500 00100 GPO Nairobi
(+254) 202227704
Adverkings Tielinks Kilome Hse, Kirinyaga Rd
P.O.Box: 42348 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0733 533881, (+254) 0733 533881
Aosseco Signs & Designs Kenya Ind Enterprises Bldg, 1st Flr, Ngariama Rd
P.O.Box: 69595 00400 Tom Mboya St

Atlantic Signs Golden Gate Drv, Kapiti Rd
P.O.Box: 28323 00200 City Square
(+254) 0729 112269
Brilliant Signs

Burhani Graphics Ngariama Rd
P.O.Box: 6676 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0712 142007
Charming Ventures Sajita Plot, Gr Flr, Rm 4, Namanga Rd
P.O.Box: 33326 00600 Ngara Rd
(+254) 0712 811656
City Signs Ltd Panesars Centre, Gr Flr, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 17848 00500 Enterprise Rd
(+254) 0722 701180
Cork Signs & Displays Mungai Hse, Basement Flr, Ngariama Rd
P.O.Box: 60 00300 Ronald Ngala
(+254) 0722 867041
Creative Options Ltd Victoria Hse, 2nd Flr, Tom Mboya St
P.O.Box: 52963 00200 City Square
(+254) 0721 751341
Cyropack Ltd Mawa Court, Suite 17/21 Flr, Chambers Rd Off Muranga Rd
P.O.Box: 47690 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0722 324701, (+254) 0735 136459
Daylight Signs Ltd Kirima Hse, 5th Flr, Luthuli Ave
P.O.Box: 7351 00300 Ronald Ngala
(+254) 0733 585608, (+254) 0733 585608
De-Signtech Enterprises Orion Drv
P.O.Box: 18248 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0722 711051, (+254) 0733 554791
Falcon Signs Ltd Falcon Signs Ltd Bldg next to Plaza 2000, opp Sameer Business Park, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 737 00606 Sarit Centre
(+254) 0722 565111, (+254) 0733 527599
Gedeon Signs & Hardware Thithino Hse, 2nd Flr, Kiambu Rd (+254) 0723 216254
Hunter Profile Elevate Point Bldg Unit No 1, Gr Flr, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 75002 00200 City Square
(+254) 0771 601000, (+254) 0733 880648
Incredible Signs Ltd Madonna Hse (Bldg 03) Behind Cafe Habibi, Gr Flr, Westlands Rd
P.O.Box: 63823 00619 Muthaiga
(+254) 0733 938830, (+254) 0733 938830
Intermeridians Ltd Techno Pavillion, Embassy Hse, Parliament Rd/Harambee Ave
P.O.Box: 39534 00623 Parklands

Kenya Chevrons & General Signs Ltd Kenya Chevrons & General Signs Ltd Bldg Ngong Town, Ngong Rd
P.O.Box: 1420 00502 Karen
(+254) 0722 692392, (+254) 0733 618489
Lunar Marketing Designs Afya Centre, Tom Mboya St
P.O.Box: 10059 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 893054
Mehdi Enterprises Sparky, Jomo Kenyatta Ave
P.O.Box: 86864 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0734 562420, (+254) 0734 562420
Mukaru Signs Shop Witeithie Hse, 1st Flr, Kwame Nkrumah Rd
P.O.Box: 4954 01000 Thika
(+254) 0721 444261
Nairobi Sign - Writers & Engravers Cross Rd/Kumasi Rd, New Mwea Hse, Nairobi
P.O.Box: 49377 00100 GPO NAIROBI
(+254) 202661224, (+254) 717 548020
Page & Graphics Ltd next to Fig Tree, Star Hse, Gr Flr, Ngara Rd
P.O.Box: 976 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0734 537830, (+254) 0734 537830
Page Signs & Graphics Ltd Star Hse next to Fig Tree Hotel, Gr Flr, Ngara Rd
P.O.Box: 976 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0722 537830, (+254) 0733 537830
Peacock Alluminium & Signs Displays Kirinyaga Rd next to Printers Arcade
P.O.Box: 3313 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0723 748566
Pelican Signs Ltd Pelican Signs Ltd Premises Opp Nyayo Stadium, Bunyala Rd off Uhuru Highway
P.O.Box: 42900 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0772 208308, (+254) 0739 930413
Pop Digital Centre Ltd Nanak Hse, 1st Flr, Kimathi St
P.O.Box: 1704 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0723 988188, (+254) 0733 845699
Prosel Ltd Bamburi Rd, Off Enterprise Rd, Ind Area
P.O.Box: 44730 00100 GPO NAIROBI
(+254) 20558116, (+254) 20558138
Reyshade Signs & Graphics Co. Ltd Taidi Motors Yard, Chyulu Rd
P.O.Box: 29 00200 City Square
(+254) 0708 506152, (+254) 0734 511076
Right Works (EA) Ltd Baraka Centre, Gr Flr, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 40275 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0731 360055, (+254) 0731 360055
Roysambu Signs & Banners opp Njerumann Hardwa, Lumumba Drv (+254) 0720 447905
Saki Ltd Hazina Towers, 9th Flr, Monrovia St
P.O.Box: 44465 00100 Nairobi GPO

Sign Design & Displays Ltd Off Enterprise Rd
P.O.Box: 17906 00500 Enterprise Rd

Sign Traders Red Commercial Complex, Gr Flr, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 604 00521 Embakasi Village

Sign World Liberty Bldg, Mbono Rd Pangani Rd, Off Thika Rd
P.O.Box: 11759 00400 Tom Mboya St
(+254) 0722 520515
Signs Africa Supplies Ltd Kilome Hse, Gr Flr, Kilome Rd
P.O.Box: 20292 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0773 586439, (+254) 0734 557830
Signs Centre Gr Flr, Biashara St (+254) 0724 766277
Signs N Badges Signs N Badges Bldg, Enterprise Rd
P.O.Box: 14511 00800 Westlands
(+254) 0726 880421
Signs Printing and Engraving Madonna Hse (Bldg 03), Mezz Flr, Westlands Rd
P.O.Box: 63823 00619 Muthaiga
(+254) 0734 040862, (+254) 0734 040862
Signtrade Ltd Red Commercial Complex, Gr Flr, Mombasa Rd
P.O.Box: 604 00521 Embakasi Village
(+254) 0770 205283
Smart Sign & Road Furniture Ltd United Business Park, Road C off Enterprise Rd
P.O.Box: 18273 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0723 337560, (+254) 0739 863230
Smart Signs & Road Furniture Ltd Busia Rd
Staples Centre Ltd Madonna Hse, Mezz Flr, M03 Nairobi
P.O.Box: 63823 00619 Muthaiga

The Sign Warehouse Road A Rd
P.O.Box: 30485 00100 Nairobi GPO

Universal Signs Ltd KIE Shed Shed No.37, Lusingeti Rd Off Likoni Rd
P.O.Box: 53742 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 748640, (+254) 0733 533854
Unlimited Signs & Labels New Ishannel Bldg, 1st Flr, River Rd
P.O.Box: 9608 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 874334, (+254) 0733 924010
Zahra Sign Systems Ltd Zahra Sign Systems Ltd Premises, Road C off Enterprise Rd
P.O.Box: 32184 00600 Ngara Rd
(+254) 0723 470539, (+254) 0735 721449

List of Dry Cleaning Companies

The following is a list of dry cleaning companies in Kenya. Contact information and physical location are included.

Company Name Physical Address Telephone
Ace Drycleaners opp the Junction, Piedmont Plaza, Mezz Flr, Ngong Rd
P.O.Box: 787 00517 Uhuru Gardens
(+254) 0726 916243
Anointed Supplies Ltd New Waumini Hse, Gr Flr, Chiromo Rd
P.O.Box: 963 00515 Buru Buru
(+254) 0723 469918
Baraka Dry Cleaners & Laundry opp K-REP Bank
P.O.Box: 540 00605 Uthiru
(+254) 0725 229643
Beemart Laundry & Dry Cleaning New Hurlingham Plaza, Argwings Kodhek Rd
P.O.Box: 27513 00506 Nyayo Stadium
(+254) 0723 101617
Belaire Dry & Laundry Kampala St
P.O.Box: 1064 40100 Kisumu
(+254) 0773 582700
Bono Drycleaners Mache Plaza Bldg
P.O.Box: 12474 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0702 094022
Bora Dry Cleaners Gate Hse, Gr Flr, Mburu Gichua Rd
P.O.Box: 14014 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0727 852256
Capital Laundry Ltd Pangani Shopping Centre, Gr Flr, Bujumbura Rd
P.O.Box: 42340 00100 Nairobi GPO

Capitol Laundry Ltd Solai Rd
P.O.Box: 42340 00100 Nairobi GPO

Cleanway Drycleaners Development Hse, Gr Flr, Tom Mboya St
P.O.Box: 69592 00400 Tom Mboya St

Cleanworld Ltd Ole Sangale Rd
P.O.Box: 38603 00623 Parklands
(+254) 0722 221841
Decent Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services Muthiga Shopping Cen, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 14494 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0708 650353
Dry Foam Cleaners Pan Africa Insurance Bldg, Gr Flr, Meru Rd
P.O.Box: 84220 80100 Mombasa
(+254) 0728 834477
Elgonia Drycleaners & Laundry Westlands Square, Gr Flr, Ring Rd
P.O.Box: 42518 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0733 332071, (+254) 0733 332071
Flush Dry Cleaners - Accra Rd Accra Rd
P.O.Box: 42200 00100 Nairobi GPO

Highway Laundry Services Waiyaki Way
P.O.Box: 4671 00200 City Square
(+254) 0700 476911
Hotline Drycleaners

Ital Dry Cleaners Ltd Yaya Centre, 2nd Flr, Argwings Kodhek Rd
P.O.Box: 76320 00508 Yaya Towers
(+254) 0720 371199
Joska Investments
(+254) 0724 701484
Karen Drycleaners Tana Hse Karen Shopping Centre, 1st Flr, Lang'ata Rd
P.O.Box: 61728 00200 City Square

Karibu Dry Cleaners Ltd Bldg 27, Gr Flr, Tubman Rd
P.O.Box: 17145 00510 Makongeni
(+254) 0722 702230
Klinwel Drycleaners Kinoo Shopping Centre
P.O.Box: 48940 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0721 602079
Lavage Laundrette & Dry Cleaners - Parklands Parklands Medi Plaza opp Aga Khan University Hospital, 3rd Flr, 3rd Parklands Ave
P.O.Box: 40294 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0774 194168
Liverpool Drycleaners & Laundry Mart Rm 4E, Agoi Rd
P.O.Box: 12317 00232 Ruiru
(+254) 0724 848906
Loretto Drycleaners & Launders Muthaiti Ave
P.O.Box: 3169 00506 Nyayo Stadium
(+254) 0738 917077, (+254) 0738 917077
Nadmar Dry Cleaners Next to K.P.L.C., Government Rd
P.O.Box: 1507 20100 Nakuru
(+254) 0726 409292
Nairobi Steam Laundry & Dry Cleaners (1978) Ltd Nairobi Steam Laundry & Dry Cleaners (Bldg 3), Butere Rd Off Enterprise Rd
P.O.Box: 18050 00500 Enterprise Rd

Neema Laundry Dry Cleaners Igloos Bldg, 1st Flr, North Airport Rd (+254) 0726 973601
Newday Drycleaners Ongata Rongai, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 51835 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0711 355570
Nio Drycleaners Kenyatu Hse, 1st Flr, Biashara St (+254) 0724 452948
Perfect Touch Drycleaners Bruce Hse, Lower Gr Flr, Standard St
P.O.Box: 67638

Pink Rose Drycleaners opp Oil Libya Petrol Stn, Kitengela Rd
P.O.Box: 53912 00200 City Square
(+254) 0726 904014
Princess Laundry & Dry Cleaners Hussein Lodge, 1st Flr, Duruma Rd
P.O.Box: 21162 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0716 622297
Queens And Dryers Limited Bruce Hse, Gr Flr, Standard St
P.O.Box: 56977 00200 City Square

Queens Cleaners & Dyers Ltd Bruce Hse, Standard St
P.O.Box: 56977 00200 City Square
(+254) 0728 788077
Queens Drycleaners & Dyers Ltd Apa Arcade, Gr Flr, Argwings Kodhek Rd
P.O.Box: 56977 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 625326, (+254) 0788 226303
Rainbow Drycleaners & Laundry Waiyaki Way
P.O.Box: 11966 00400 Tom Mboya St

Ramesh R. Vaya Reeta Hse, Gr Flr, Accra Rd
P.O.Box: 20089 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0722 741742, (+254) 0734 741742
Riverside Hygiene Ltd Ken Banco Hse, 2nd Flr, Rm 4, Haile Selassie Ave
P.O.Box: 17510 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 204400161
Safari DryCleaners NHC Hse, Aga Khan Walk
P.O.Box: 4012 00200 City Square
(+254) 0733 131272, (+254) 0733 131272
Santa Macos (K) Ltd Nyayo Highrise Block 10
P.O.Box: 15893 00100 Nairobi GPO

Scintill Dry Cleaners Nyali Rd
P.O.Box: 34269 80100 Mombasa

Scintill Dry Cleaners China Garden, U N Ave
P.O.Box: 1255 00606 Sarit Centre
(+254) 0733 415222, (+254) 0733 415222
Seagull Dry Cleaners 3B-431, Gr Flr, Off Kangundo Rd
P.O.Box: 1065 00515 Buru Buru

Senator Drycleaners Anpemu House, Gr Flr, Ngara Rd
P.O.Box: 44491 00100 Nairobi GPO

Serele Sparkle Drycleaner & Laundry Eastleigh Section 3, Gr Flr
P.O.Box: 13264 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0708 869650
Six In One Dry Cleaners Dagoretti Corner, Nairobi
P.O.Box: 38276 00623
(+254) 202517595
Spotless Drycleaners Mombasa Rd (+254) 0714 751396, (+254) 0734 762129
Sunflower Drycleaners Ltd

Talash Drycleaners & Laundry Tuskys, Rm G4, Magadi Rd
P.O.Box: 100 00517 Uhuru Gardens
(+254) 0724 026799, (+254) 0735 006769
Tintoria Ltd - ABC Place ABC Place, Gr Flr, Waiyaki Way
P.O.Box: 14297 00800 Westlands
(+254) 0700 711329
Twin Tub Drycleaner - Dandora Ph.1 Off Komarock Rd
P.O.Box: 74824 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 530247
United Dry Cleaners Ltd United Drycleaners Mansion, Munyu Rd
P.O.Box: 28175 00200 City Square
(+254) 0722 383073, (+254) 0733 810400
Vic-Harman's Dry Cleaners Ltd Reata Hse, Gr Flr, Accra Rd
P.O.Box: 20089 00100 Nairobi GPO

Vintage Drycleaners Ltd Laptrust Hse, Gr Flr, Parliament Rd
P.O.Box: 2888 00200 City Square
(+254) 0725 531550
Vittorio Dry Cleaners & Laundry Tassia Complex, Solidarity St
P.O.Box: 559 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0727 128862
Westgate Cleaners Ltd Anniversary Towers, Gr Flr, Monrovia St
P.O.Box: 15713 00100 Nairobi GPO
(+254) 0721 711137
White Rose Drycleaners Jubilee Bldg, Mkomani Rd
P.O.Box: 83017 00100 Nairobi GPO

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

List of Wards in Rarieda Constituency

Rarieda Constituency has five electoral wards as follows:

  1. East Asembo
  2. West Asembo
  3. North Uyoma
  4. South Uyoma
  5. West Uyoma

List of Wards in Bondo Constituency

Bondo Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. West Yimbo
  2. Central Sakwa
  3. South Sakwa
  4. Yimbo East
  5. West Sakwa
  6. North Sakwa

List of Wards in Gem Constituency

Gem Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. North Gem
  2. West Gem
  3. Central Gem
  4. Yala Township
  5. East Gem
  6. South Gem

List of Wards in Alego Usonga Constituency

Alego Usonga Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Usonga
  2. West Alego
  3. Central Alego
  4. Siaya Township
  5. North Alego
  6. South East Alego

List of Wards in Ugunja Constituency

Ugunja Constituency has three electoral wards as follows:

  1. Sidindi
  2. Sigomere
  3. Ugunja

List of Wards in Ugenya Constituency

Ugenya Constituency has four electoral wards as follows:

  1. West Ugenya
  2. Ukwala
  3. North Ugenya
  4. East Ugenya

List of Wards in Budalangi Constituency

Budalangi Constituency has four electoral wards as follows:

  1. Bunyala Central
  2. Bunyala North
  3. Bunyala West
  4. Bunyala South

List of Wards in Funyula Constituency

Funyula Constituency has four electoral wards as follows:

  1. Namboboto-Nambuku Ward
  2. Nangina
  3. Ageng'a Nanguba
  4. Bwiri

List of Wards in Butula Constituency

Butula Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Marachi West
  2. Kingandole
  3. Marachi Central
  4. Marachi East
  5. Marachi North
  6. Elugulu

List of Wards in Matayos Constituency

Matayos Constituency has five electoral wards as follows:

  1. Bukhayo West
  2. Mayenje
  3. Matayos South
  4. Busibwabo
  5. Burumba

List of Wards in Nambale Constituency

Nambale Constituency has four electoral wards as follows:

  1. Nambale
  2. Bukhayo North / Walatsi
  3. Bukhayo East
  4. Bukhayo Central

List of Wards in Teso South Constituency

Teso South Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Ang'orom
  2. Chakol South
  3. Chakol North
  4. Amukura West
  5. Amukura East
  6. Amukura Central

List of Wards in Teso North Constituency

Teso North Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Malaba Central
  2. Malaba North
  3. Ang'urai South
  4. Ang'urai North
  5. Ang'urai East
  6. Malaba South

List of Wards in Emuhaya Constituency

Emuhaya Constituency has three electoral wards as follows:

  1. North East Bunyore
  2. Central Bunyore
  3. West Bunyore

List of Wards in Kiminini Constituency

Kiminini Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Kiminini
  2. Waitaluk
  3. Sirende
  4. Hospital
  5. Sikhendu
  6. Nabiswa

List of Wards in Luanda Constituency

Luanda Constituency has five electoral wards as follows:

  1. Luanda Township
  2. Wemilabi
  3. Mwibona
  4. Luanda South
  5. Emabungo

List of Wards in Sabatia Constituency

Sabatia Constituency has six electoral wards as follows:

  1. Lyaduywa/ Izava
  2. Sabatia West
  3. Chavakali
  4. North Maragoli
  5. Wodanga
  6. Busali

List of Wards in Vihiga Constituency

Vihiga Constituency has four electoral wards as follows:

  1. Lugaga-Wamuluma
  2. South Maragoli
  3. Central Maragoli
  4. Mungoma

List of Wards in Konoin Constituency

Konoin Constituency has five electoral wards as follows:

  1. Chepchabas
  2. Kimulot
  3. Mogogosiek
  4. Boito
  5. Embomos

List of Wards in Bomet Central Constituency

Bomet Central Constituency has five electoral wards as follows:

  1. Silibwet Township
  2. Ndaraweta
  3. Singorwet
  4. Chesoen
  5. Mutarakwa