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How Many Calories are in Common Kenyan Foods?

Kenyans have become quite health conscious. Evidence of this can be seen in the popularity of fitness TV shows, proliferation of gyms and the increase in healthy food outlets. Many people have now taken up the habit of counting food calories to ensure they only eat the recommended number of calories for their gender, lifestyle and age.

Unfortunately, most online health websites do not provide calorie information for some of Kenya's favorite dishes. If calorie counting is your thing, you should find the table below useful.

Kenyan Calorie Counter

Food Type Average Number of Calories
150-200 grams of Ugali (average slice/portion served in most restaurants) 365
1 cup of cooked white rice 216
500 grams of fried 80% lean beef or goat (Nusu kilo nyama/mbuzi fry )1,500
250 grams of fried 80% lean beef or goat (Nusu kilo nyama/mbuzi fry750
100 grams of fried 80% lean beef or goat (Nusu kilo nyama/mbuzi fry 300
500 grams of grilled 80% lean beef or goat (Nusu choma)1,026
250 grams of grilled 80% lean beef or goat (Quarter choma)523
100 grams of sukumawiki or spinach (saucer portion)49
Chicken breast fried260
Chicken breast stewed 186
Chicken leg stewed206
One whole Tilapia fried fish average 250-300 grams280
One avocado 89
One banana89
One cup of tea (two teaspoons of sugar and milk)92
One boiled egg 155
One fried egg196
One teaspoon of sugar16
One slice brown bread65
One slice white bread67
One Tusker, Pilsner or whitecap lager beer 132
One Summit lager35
Glass of wine85
Double tot of whisky 112

The following are the daily calorie requirements based on gender, age and physical activity.

GenderAge (years)SedentaryModerately ActiveActive

  • Sedentary refers to a white-collar worker who performs only light physical activity associated with day-to-day life.
  • Moderately active persons engage in physical activity equivalent to walking about 1 km a day in addition to the normal daily activity.
  • Active persons engage in strenuous manual work. They either workout or are engaged in physically demanding occupations such as construction work.

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How to Clear an e48-32 GoTV Error Code

An e48-32 GoTv error code is purely a signal quality and/or strength problem. To clear this error, follow the instructions below.

Instructions to Clear an e48-32 GoTv Error

To clear the E48-32 Error, follow these steps:
  1. If your aerial position has not changed, the first thing you need to do is to make sure it is firmly fixed in RF IN port. A loose connection can give you sleepless nights yet it is a simple issue to fix.
  2. Once you confirm the aerial is firmly fixed, check your signal quality by using your remote to navigate to Menu >> Advanced Settings >> Signal Information. For a good connection, the signal readings should be as follows:
    • Signal Strength - over 90%
    • Signal Quality - over 90%
  3. If the signal quality is below the above levels, you may need to check your aerial cable for damage or reposition it higher. Adjust your aerial until both strength and quality are above 90%. 
  4. Go back to Menu >> Advanced Settings >> Installation and press Reset. This will reset your decoder.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions once the decoder restarts. 
  6. If you have an active antenna, change the Active Antenna settings to ON. An active antenna is a type of aerial that comes with active electronic parts such as transistors, as opposed to regular antennas which only come with metal rods, capacitors and inductors. An active antenna amplifies the signal. It is important to choose the right setting.
  7. Next, the decoder will proceed and scan for the channels and complete within a few minutes. 
  8. Check to see that the e48-32 GoTv error code has cleared. 

gotv error reset
my gotv has no signal
gotv error e66-32
gotv no channels found
gotv antenna power
e48-32 no signal sun direct
gotv no services found
gotv problems and solutions

3 Best Sites to Stream Live Football

Kenyan football fans can enjoy free live streaming of football and other sports thanks to the proliferation of fiber optic cables in most major towns and environs.

The purpose of this article is provide you with options on where to stream live football matches straight to your desktop, laptop or even mobile. All you need is a good Internet connection wherever you are and can be able to access English premier league, La Liga, Bundesliga and many other league games comfortably.

Below are some of the favorites. They may have pop up ads and is some cases a delay of up to 5 minutes depending on your Internet connection speed. The quality of streaming also adapts to your Internet connection. You are also given an option of replaying any moment in the match.

Tips & Warnings
  • Some of the sites above may contain pop up ads and other links that may affect your viewing.
  • These sites also require a fast Internet connection to stream in high quality.

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How to Apply For an Endorsement of Driving License

If you have your driving license and would like to drive other types of vehicles apart from those authorized on your driving license, then you need to apply for a Driving Class Endorsement. This service upgrades your driving entitlements following licensing to drive other vehicles.

Here are the details regarding this service:

The regulating agency is the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA ) and applications are via made TIMS NTSA website. The NTSA requires that drivers take a driving exam before being issued with an endorsement for a new class. You first have to visit book a driving test and get tested before you can be issued with an endorsement. 

Endorsement Driving License Instructions

  1. Log into the TIMS NTSA website and look for the Driving License link.
  2. Look for the Driving Class Endorsement Link and read the instructions.
  3. You will need to apply for test booking in an approved driving school.
  4. The endorsement will cost you Kshs 550 which you can pay via Mpesa.

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How to get Free Satellite TV in Kenya

There are hundreds of free-to-air (FTA) satellite TV channels around the world which you can access legally provided you have the right equipment. In Kenya, free-to-air satellite TV channels include NTV, K24, KTN, Citizen, KBC and Kiss. It is fairly easy to set-up a connection and enjoy quality diverse programming from free-to-air TV channels. Programming includes; movies, news, fashion, entertainment, kids entertainment, education, travel, nature and much more. I strongly suggest you get a professional installer because the entire set-up is a bit technical. Most DSTV satellite installers also install FTA for clients. 

One of the best FTA satellites for Kenya is the Nilesat 102/201 located 7° West  (KU Band Beam). It offers over 300 channels. These include MBC 1, 2, 3 and 4 which offer movies and entertainment in English as well as ONE TV, MBC Action, Aljazeera News and much more; however, most other channels are in Arabic. You can find other satellites at


  1. Satellite dish - you can purchase this at electronic shops in downtown Nairobi.
  2. FTA receiver - also available in downtown Nairobi.
  3. Coaxial cable (sufficient length from your roof to the TV).
  4. 6 ft coaxial cable.
  5. Steel nails or screws or any type of mounting for your satellite dish.
  6. Masking tape.
  7. Box of cable clips.
  8. Hammer.
  9. Ladder. 
  10. Satellite finder and compass - if you use a professional installer, they should have their own satellite finder and compass otherwise these are also available in downtown Nairobi.

Instructions to Get Free Satellite TV

  1. Use the cable clips and hammer to run the coaxial cable from the FTA receiver to your roof. Run your cable on a section of the wall that is shielded from human interference.
  2. Mount your satellite dish on the roof of your house/flat and point it in the direction of your preferred satellite. Use the compass to determine the correct direction based on information on the Satellite's position (see The dish mounting (use the steel nails or screws as the case may be) must be tightly secured so as not to be affected by strong winds and adverse weather. Tighten the screws slightly so that you still have room to make minor adjustments.
  3. Connect one end of the 6ft coaxial cable to the Satellite finder and the other end to the satellite dish LNB (Low Noise Block). 
  4. Switch on the Satellite Finder, enter the Satellite name and download the frequency number. The Satellite Finder will start beeping with quiet intervals.
  5. Rotate the dish slightly and listen to the beeping. A shorter beeping interval indicates that you are moving in the correct direction and that you are horizontally aligned with the target Satellite. Tighten the rotation screws completely to maintain this angle.
  6. Adjust the vertical angle in the same manner until you hear a continuous beeping sound. This indicates you have aligned your dish at the best position for optimum signal quality and strength. Tighten the vertical adjustment.
  7. Connect your coaxial cable to the LNB and the other end to your FTA receiver. Use the masking tape to secure any loose cabling running from the dish LNB. A loose cable can affect the quality of your signal.
  8. Switch on the FTA receiver and TV.
  9. After initialization, press 'menu' on the receiver's remote. Scroll to 'setting' and 'select' satellite. (depending on your receiver model, the exact captions may be slightly different).  You should see a list of pre-installed satellites. Scroll to select your target satellite e.g. NileSat and press 'OK'. Press the search button (yellow button on most remote controls) and the receiver will begin searching the channels. Observe the progress bar and once it is at 100%, the first channel found should be displayed on the screen.
  10. Flip through the channels to confirm that you are receiving all the Satellite's FTA channels. Also, check for signal quality. If everything looks fine then you are correctly set-up!
  11. Look for me and buy me a beer.

Tips & Warnings

  • There should not be any physical barriers between the dish and Satellite e.g. trees, buildings, hills etc. You must have a clear line of sight.
  • For best results, it is recommended that you engage the services of a professional satellite dish installer. The installation fee ranges from KES 2, 000 - 3,000.
  • There is a new Samsung TV known as the Samsung LED TV Free Satellite. Samsung and SES (a Satellite company) have begun rolling out the product in Africa beginning with West Africa. The television comes with a satellite TV receiver that allows African customers to access over 60 SES FTA TV channels. 
  • The total installation costs range from KES 15,000 to 20, 000, a one-off cost with no recurring costs.

Resources LyngSat


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How to Divert an Airtel Line to Voicemail

To divert an Airtel line to Voicemail;

  1. Navigate to "call settings" on your phone.
  2. Locating your call settings will be slightly different depending on your phone's operating system. On Android, tap/select "Settings" then "Application Settings".
  3. Next, tap/select "Call" and then "More Settings".
  4. Select/tap "call forwarding".
  5. Next, select "Voice call" then "Always Forward" to put your phone permanently on voicemail. You also have the option of forwarding when busy, answered or unreachable.
  6. Enter Airtel's voicemail number "0733 105555"
  7. Tap/select "enable".
  8. Wait for a successful confirmation from the network.