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How to apply for a China/Chinese Visa in Kenya

Hundreds of Kenyan traders are now traveling to China to purchase goods and look for markets. Kenyans traveling to China must have a valid visa. The application can be made at the Chinese Embassy to Kenya located on Woodlands road, Nairobi. Their telephone number is +254-717 070214.


  1. Before applying for the visa, you need the following:
    • Valid Kenyan passport (issued after 2008 since pre-2008 are not accepted in Far East countries).
    • One color photo 48mm x33mm dimensions. No head covering.
    • Evidence of hotel and air ticket booking.
    • Last three months bank statements.
  2. If you need a business visa, you should also have the following additional items:
    • A letter of invitation issued by a Chinese Agency.
    • A letter of invitation from Chinese local governments, companies, corporations and institutions in lieu of the above. The letter of invitation must contain your personal information (name, age, gender, DOB), information regarding your visit to China (purpose, arrival & departure dates etc) and information regarding the invitee.


  1. Visit the Chinese Embassy to Kenya on Woodlands, Road, Nairobi. See the map.
  2. Request a visa application form and fill it in truthfully.
  3. Affix the color photo on the application form.
  4. Submit the application form together with your passport to the visa officer.
  5. As soon as your application is accepted, you will be informed and given a pickup form specifying the visa fee. The current visa fees are as follows:
    • Single Entry 3-month validity Kes.4,000
    • Double Entry 6-month validity Kes.6,000
    • Mult-Entry  6-month validity Kes.8,000
    • Mult-Entry 12-month validity Kes.12,000
  6. Make payment of the visa fee at any of the following three branches of Commercial Bank of Africa:
    • Mara & Ragati Roads, Upper Hill
    • Wabera & Standard Streets, City Center
    • International House, Mama Ngina Street
  7. When making payment to the bank teller, present the pickup form. The teller will stamp the deposit slip duplicate and present it to you.
  8. You will present the deposit slip duplicate and the pickup form to the consular section at the embassy when collecting your visa.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you submit your Chinese visa application at least two weeks before your scheduled date of travel in case of delays.
  • Do not make false statements on the application form and do not submit fake documents.


Chinese Embassy to Kenya

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How to import from China and Dubai through Eastleigh

Many Kenyan traders have over the years evaded paying import duty tax by importing goods from China and Dubai via logistics cartels based in Eastleigh. Be warned that such activity is illegal and this article in no way condones this vice. Tax evasion in Kenya is a serious offence with dire implications.

How it is Done

  1. Traders travel to Dubai or China and purchase goods. Prior to purchasing goods, they seek the services of a Somali clearing and forwarding agent. They then make inquiries on how they can export the goods back to Kenya without going through customs. Most Somali clearing and forwarding agents in Dubai and China have this information at hand and the 'customer' is usually directed to the right person to speak to if the agent is unable to make such arrangements personally. 
  2. After purchasing the goods, they make a call to the 'point man' who arrives to collect the goods. The customer is given a reference/code number which they will use to collect the goods in Eastleigh. Payment can done upon collection in Eastleigh or upon placing the order depending on the agreement. Freight charges are normally on a per kilo basis ranging from KES 280 to KES 350 per kilo. Most cargo is sent to Eldoret Airport via charter flights before being transported to Nairobi on road. Prior to Kenya's invasion of Somalia, Kismayo port was also a point of entry for such goods which would then be transported to Eastleigh by road.
  3. The customer travels back to Nairobi and awaits a phone call. Within a few days, they receive a phone call instructing them that their cargo has arrived and how they collect it. The customer travels to Eastleigh and collects the goods without paying any duties to Kenya Revenue Authority.
  4. In some cases, customers do not even need to travel to Dubai or China, they simply order goods online or use brokers based in Eastleigh.


  • The Kenya Revenue authority is aware of this illegal trade and is working on apprehending the individuals involved.
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How to Get a Man to Sleep with you without Seeming Desperate

The social landscape in Kenya today has evolved. In many urban centers, sexual assertiveness on the part of women is no longer frowned upon. Women are increasingly going after the mates that they want, something that was unheard of a few decades ago. However, many women still fear that asking a man out on a date or even asking him to hop into bed with them may make them come off as being desperate. 


  1. The first rule before you decide to ask a man to get intimate with you is to be sure that he feels the same way about you. The last thing you want is to hit on a guy only to discover that he has never thought of you in that way. You can tell that a guy is into you based on your history with him, are you close friends, do you catch him giving you the look, does he call you often, does he enjoy spending time with you, does he compliment you on your dressing, hair style and so forth. If a man exhibits all these qualities, then he is most likely into you but he is just too scared to make a move. 
  2. Once you have established that he is feels the same way about you as you do, invite him to your place or if that is not possible, ask him to meet you at a social place after work. Make it sound like you want to discuss something important. Take note that he may decline if he is broke - men will occasionally decline to meet you at a pub or restaurant simply because they can't afford it. To get around this, you can offer to buy dinner or drinks though this may not work with all men. A proud man may still decline your offer so you may have to wait it out until his wallet is in better shape (e.g. end month when he has just received his salary). 
  3. If possible get him to have a couple of drinks but not too much. A good rule of thumb is not more than four beers or 3 double shots of spirit/whisky. If you are both teetotalers, skip this step.
  4. Dive right in! Once you have him tipsy, tell him exactly how you feel and what you want without batting an eye lid. Be very clear and specific that you are not taking anything less than a romp in the sack that evening. Unless he is gay or twisted in some weird sort of way, that will turn him on like crazy even though he may not show it. After you tell him, give him a passionate smooch right on the lips. If he kisses back, kaching! you're in business!
  5. I'm sure I don't need to spell out what you need to do next because there are many can go to his place, your place or rent a room depending on what's convenient at the time.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are a hot chick (if you don't know if you are, then you aren't ...all hot chicks know they are hot), you can be sure most of your male friends have fantasized about you so getting any of them in the sack should be quite easy ...and as a hot chick you have the added bonus of never seeming desperate.
  • Don't be daft, make sure you have a pack of condoms in your bag or ask him to buy some.
  • Don't expect him to love you after the fact. To men, love and sex are two very different things.
  • Don't spike a man's drink, that's desperation at its best!

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How to Buy Land in Kenya

Buying land in Kenya is not for the faint-hearted. The process can be long winded and there are many issues to consider. Most of all, you need to protect yourself from the horde of fraudsters keen on seeing you part with your hard earned money.

Land in Kenya is either Freehold and Leasehold. Non-citizens can only buy leasehold land. All leases for leasehold land have a maximum 99-year lease under the 2010 Constitution of Kenya.

Steps to buy land in Kenya

  1. Step one - Identify the piece of land that you would like to purchase. You can enlist the services of a real estate agent to help you in this regard. You will also need a land surveyor to verify size among other technical issues. 
  2. Step two - Perform a land search. This will verify ownership, size and if there are any legal encumbrances such as court orders, prohibitions, cautions and the like. Find out how to perform a land search online on eCitizen. 
  3. Step three - Hire a lawyer. Many people think they can bypass a lawyer so as to save money but this is usually a big risk and you could end up losing more than the legal fee. The lawyer will conduct a search at the Lands office.
  4. Step four - once your lawyer ascertains the land details, he will proceed and prepare a sale agreement. The agreement will specify the parties and other purchase terms. You and the seller will sign the agreement in the presence of witnesses who will also append their signatures on the agreement. In most cases, you will be required to pay 10% of the sale price upon signing the agreement and the balance within 90 days. The sale agreement has to be stamped to give it legal effect; the stamp fee is KES 200 for the original agreement and KES 20 for every copy.
  5. Step five - the seller obtains consent to transfer the land from the relevant Lands office. 
  6. Step six - when ready to transfer the land, an application for valuation needs to be made so that the Government valuer may visit the land and prepare a valuation report. This is done for the purposes of payment of stamp duty which is based on the value of the land.
  7. Step seven  - pay the stamp duty. This is the responsibility of the buyer. The current rate of stamp duty is 2% of the value in accordance with the valuation report. The stamp duty is paid to the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes by depositing the same at their bank account in National Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank or any other appointed bank. Following payment, lodge the documents at the Lands Office in your County for stamping and embossing.
  8. Step eight - the seller should then present the following documents to the Lands office for registration 
    • Title deed
    • Land rent
    • Rates clearance certificate (for leasehold land)
    • Valuation report
    • Consent to transfer
    • Stamp duty declaration
    • Pay-in-slip

The lands office will then register the title in the name of the buyer.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is the seller's responsibility to ensure all land rates have been paid before the transfer of title is effected.
  • Avoid purchasing land that does not have an issued title e.g. where the seller only has an allotment letter. The potential for fraud is high in such cases.
  • Building permission may be required from the local authority. Check with the County lands office.
  • The land search fee is KES 500.


How to be admitted to a UK University

Due to a rich history and culture of outstanding achievement from individuals that have gone through the UK education system, there has been a consistently high demand for UK academic credentials. Studying in the UK does seem to offer greater career prospects. More often than not, UK University admission criteria can be quite stringent. 

Basic Requirements

  1. Course providers set requirements as a guide to the kind of grades and qualifications that you need. 
  2. Depending on the course you intend to study, you may asked to pass an admissions test, for example;
    • Law-  Cambridge Law Test, LNAT
    • Mathematics - MAT, STEP
    • Medical courses - BMAT, GAMSAT, HPAT, UKCAT
    • Thinking Skills Assessment - TSA Cambridge, TSA Oxford, TSA UCL
    • University of Cambridge - BMAT, MML, STEP, TSA Cambridge, Cambridge Law Test
    • University of Oxford - BMAT, CAT, ELAT, HAT, LNAT, MAT, MLAT, PAT, TSA Oxford 
  3. As an international undergraduate student, you will need to take a foreign language test usually IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Academic. Postgraduate students may be exempted if their qualifications demonstrate a mastery of English.


  1. To apply to join a UK university for undergraduate study, begin at the UCAS website. 
  2. Search for courses on the site and apply. UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) is a charitable organisation responsible for managing applications to almost all UK Universities. They can also assist with postgraduate applications.  

Tips and Warnings

  • You can track your application using the UCAS website.
  • International students must also pass a UK Border Agency English test in order to receive a student visa.
  • You must be able to demonstrate to the UK Border Agency that you or your sponsor can afford to pay your tuition and accommodation fees.
  • In some cases, the UK Border Agency may deny you a visa if they suspect your intention is to emigrate to the UK or in cases where they feel your degree choice is available at a similar quality level locally.
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How to raise money fast in Kenya

Every normal human being occasionally finds themselves needing to raise quick cash. The need may be serious such as is the case with a medical emergency or it may be something as frivolous as wanting to throw a bash. Whatever the situation, these practical tips will help you raise money fast in Kenya.


Salary advance

This works well for salaried employees. A salary advance is one of the easiest ways to raise money fast. Unless your employer has a policy that discourages salary advances, this should be your first option when you need to raise money fast.

Get a Loan

Salaried and non-salaried individuals can also look into the option of getting a loan. There are five different sources of loans for most Kenyans:
  1. Friends & family - borrow from friends and family. This is usually fast, cheap and hassle free especially if you are in good standing with the targeted friends and/or family.
  2. Sacco - if you belong to a Sacco, you can apply for an emergency loan (if provided by the Sacco). Many Saccos provide emergency loans for issues such as medical emergencies and school fees. 
  3. Unsecured bank loan - salaried individuals can apply for unsecured loans at their bank. Kenyan banks usually process such loans within a week provided your account is in good standing and you provide all documentation requested.
  4. Secured bank loan - Non salaried individuals have the option of applying for a bank loan secured by household goods. Take note that other types of security e.g. vehicle log book, land title, shares etc. would allow you to borrow more funds but the processing period would be much longer.
  5. Borrow from a 'shylock' - in Kenyan colloquial terminology, a 'shylock' is an individual (and increasingly companies) in the business of lending money at high interest rates for repayment over a short period of time usually a month but in some cases up to six months. The security is usually a post dated cheque and a guarantor(s). This is one of the fastest loans you can get in Kenya.
Fundraising Campaign
There are two ways to fund raise:
  1. Harambee - a traditional harambee, if well organized, can raise a large amount of cash within a few weeks
  2. Fundraising for business or worthy cause - if you intend to raise money fast over a few short weeks, you could also look into the possibility of using global crowd sourcing websites such as Indiegogo and Rocket Hub. Kickstarter is also good though it is not yet open to a global audience. Crowd sourcing websites leverage on the power of 'haba na haba hujaza kibaba'. In essence, you create a campaign and promote it on social media and people from all over the world fund with whatever they can afford. Many people globally have raised loads of cash in a few short weeks to fund a wide range of issues running the gamut from cancer research to paying college fees. It is definitely worth a shot. 

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when you borrow money from a 'shylock'. Some charge interest rates as high as 40% a month. Above all, never give a 'shylock' your vehicle log book or other physical security unless it is a matter of life and death. Hundreds of Kenyans have harrowing tales regarding their assets being sold even after paying as much as four times the principal amount. 


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How to Apply for a Kenyan passport

To be eligible to apply for a Kenyan passport, you must first satisfy the requirements of the Kenyan constitution. The main pre-requisite is to be a Kenyan citizen. Visit this link to replace a lost, mutilated or expired Kenyan passport. 


  1. Visit any of the following immigration offices in Kenya:
    • Nairobi      -        Department of Immigration Headquarters, Nyayo House, Ground floor, North Wing
    • Mombasa   -        Coast Regional Office , Uhuru na Kazi Building,
    • Kisumu       -        Western Regional Office , New Provincial Headquarters
    • Eldoret        -        North Rift Regional Office, Public Works building
    • Garissa        -        North eastern Regional
    • Nakuru      -        Central Rift Regional Office, Rift Valley Provincial Headquarters
    • Embu         -        Central Regional Office, Provincial Headquarters
  2. Any Kenyan mission abroad.
  3. Fill in a form known as Form 19 which the immigration officers will hand to you.
  4. You should have your Birth, Adoption or Registration (original and photocopy) Certificate and in some instances your parent(s) birth certificate maybe required. You must also have your new generation identity card with you (original and a photocopy).
  5. Attach 3 colored Passport size photographs of yourself with one of photos duly certified as true likeness of yourself by your recommender. This means that you must also have a recommender. A recommender, according to the law has to be a citizen of Kenya such as Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official who knows you personally.
  6. Attach a certified copy of the recommender’s National Identity Card
  7. Your application will be reviewed and provided your application is in order, you will be advised to pay the passport application fee of:
    • KES 4,500 for a 32 page passport
    • KES 6,000 for a 48 page passport.
  8. Your passport will be ready in a maximum of 30 days, in some cases in as little as 5 days provide all documentation is in order.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are under 18 years old, you need a consent letter from one of your parents and a copy of their national identity card.
  • Do not use a broker or third party, you must present yourself in person to the immigration officers.
  • A copy of your national identity card is mandatory with every application.
  • It is possible to track your passport application online at the Kenya Department of Immigration Website. You can now also apply for a Kenyan passport online. 


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How to invest in Kenya

It makes sense to invest in Kenya. Over the last few years, Kenya has been undergoing several regulatory reforms aimed at lowering the cost of doing business and simplifying licensing regimes. Kenya has also signed and ratified several international investment promotion/protection agreements. In addition, Kenya is strategically located and has fairly well developed infrastructure. A fully liberalized economy and a highly skilled work force coupled with a vibrant private sector make it an ideal overseas investment opportunity for foreigners.

Instructions to Invest in Kenya

  1. The first step to investing in Kenya is carrying out due diligence on the investment opportunities available. There are numerous resources both online and offline. See the resource section below. The main areas of opportunity are:
    • Infrastructure
    • Energy
    • Natural Resources
    • Information and Communications
    • Banking and Finance
    • Tourism 
    • Agriculture  
  2. Fill in an investment application from the Kenya Investment Authority
  3. Seek competent legal advice in Kenya.
  4. Register your business in Kenya. The following forms of business organizations are recognized under Kenyan law.
    • Sole proprietorship's
    • Partnerships
    • Companies
  5. Submit your application, Articles & Memorandum of association  as well as your Certificate of Incorporation to the Kenya Investment Authority. The Authority reviews the application and issues an investment licence.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Corporate tax rate in Kenya is currently 30% for resident companies. Export Processing Zones Enterprises do not pay tax for the first ten years.Non-resident companies operating as a branch under a Certificate of Compliance pay a tax rate of 37.5%. Newly listed companies can pay as little as 20% following the year of listing.
  • Expatriate employees are allowed in cases where the skilled labor needed is unavailable in the Kenyan labor market. Expatriates must have valid entry and work permits issued by the Immigration Department.
  • Foreign investors cannot acquire land classified as 'Agricultural' unless through share ownership in a registered that is majority owned by Kenyans. Only land classified as 'commercial' may be acquired by foreign investors. Find out how to buy land in Kenya.


How to repay M-Shwari loan

M-Shwari is a paperless Kenyan banking product available to Safaricom mobile phone subscribers. Users can deposit and borrow money using their mobile phones. The service is run by Commercial Bank of Africa in conjunction with Safaricom Ltd. It has recently come to the attention of most subscribers that paying a loan is not as straight forward as it should be. In an ordinary bank account, one would deposit the funds into the account and the bank would then deduct what is owed to them. However, M-Shwari does not operate in this traditional manner.


In order to pay for your M-Shwari loan, the funds must be in your M-Pesa account. DO NOT deposit the funds into M-Shwari if your intention is to pay the loan. Load money to your M-Pesa account then in M-Pesa menu, select 'M-Shwari' and navigate to 'Pay Loan'. Enter the loan amount you with to repay and send. You will receive a confirmation message.

Tips & Warnings

  1. To find out how much you can borrow, dial  *234*6#.
  2. The minimum amount you can borrow is KES 100 and the maximum is KES 20, 000.
  3. Each loan attracts a one-time levy of 7.5%
  4. You must have been an M-Pesa subscriber for six months and your voice, data services must have been active over that period.
  5. Each loan is repayable within 30 days. Failure to repay within this time attracts a roll-over fee.
  6. The product is a banking product and CBA can report you to Credit Rating Agencies in the event of default. You must repay the loan within 60 days.
  7. See the image below on how to activate M-Shwari



How to check Okoa Jahazi balance

Okoa Jahazi is a service provided by Kenya's leading mobile phone provider, Safaricom. It allows PrePaid subscribers to borrow airtime and pay later. Airtime can be borrowed in units of KES 10, 20, 50 and 100. An advance fee of 10% is levied on each request. Subscribers access the service by dialing *131#  from their handsets and then follow the prompts.


To check your Okoa Jahazi balance, dial *144*4# from your mobile phone.
You will get a text message with details of your airtime balance.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Your balance must be below KES 2 for you to borrow.
  2. You can use the airtime to call and sms other networks as well as browse the Internet.
  3. The borrowed airtime is deducted the next time you top-up
  4. The amount advanced must be equivalent to the amount of airtime used over the last seven days
  5. Okoa Jahazi is not transferable via the popular Sambaza service.
  6. You must repay any borrowed airtime within 3 days (72 hours) otherwise you will be locked out of the Okoa Jahazi service for 14 days.
  7. You cannot borrow when you have an outstanding balance.
  8. The service is not available to PostPaid subscribers.


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How to Conceive a Baby Boy

In Kenya, there are all sorts of superstitions, myths, misconceptions and outright false statements about conceiving a baby boy. Among some of the craziest advice, I have heard people dish out in Kenya is telling women to go round a tree seven times or to consume certain types of foods. I have also heard bar room jokes where men are advised not to indulge in alcohol if they want to conceive a boy.


There is currently no medical evidence to suggest there is any way to influence the sex of the unborn child. At best, you can go for an ultrasound during the initial weeks of the pregnancy and the doctor can disclose the sex of the baby. This would help you prepare especially with regard to purchasing items of baby clothing. Deciding your baby's sex is just an old wive's tale.

However, if you have money to burn, fertility specialists can now identify the sex of embryos. Using the in-vitro fertilization technique, specialists can fertilize a woman's egg using her husband's sperm in a test tube. The resulting embryos can be separated by sex and implanted in the woman's womb. This is the surest way to conceive a baby boy or girl for that matter. In Kenya, many medical clinics are now offering in vitro fertilization, they include;

  • Nairobi IVF Center - Tel LandMark Plaza, Mezzanine floor, Argwings Kordhek Road, Nairobi, Tel/Fax +254 20 2731978/82
  • LifeBridge Baby Center - Mwai Drive, Lower Kabete, Nairobi 1700300100

Tips & Warnings

  • It is unfortunate that in the 21st century, there are still some communities around the world that continue to have a preference for male children. Men should not castigate their partners for failing to give them baby boys. The man's sperm actually contains the chromosome that is crucial to the conception of a baby boy.


Wikipedia Sex Selection

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How to block calls on your mobile phone (Safaricom, Orange, YU & Airtel)

There are numerous reasons you would want to know how to block calls on your Safaricom, Orange, YU or Airtel mobile phone. You may be trying to avoid a creditor or are simply giving someone the cold shoulder. Whatever the case, there are a number of ways to do this.


Blocking someone using the Network Service

You can use the network service to block all calls. Just go to call settings on your phone and look for 'Call Barring'. For most phones, the default barring password is usually eight zeros (00000000) or in some cases four zeros or 1234. You can find your barring password in the instructions booklet that came with the purchase of your phone. The disadvantage of this method is that you block all calls and you have no way of telling if someone tried to call you.

Alternatively, you could use the call divert/call forwarding feature to voicemail. Go to 'Call settings' on your phone and look for either 'call forwarding' or 'call divert'. Select 'always divert' and divert your calls to your voicemail:
  • On Safaricom, this number is 0722 122 
  • On Orange/Telkom it is 0770 000423 
  • On Airtel 0733 105555
The advantage with call divert is that you can tell who has tried calling you by checking your voicemail.

Blocking using a Smartphone App

This is the best method but it only works with smartphones. Download a free call filter application from the Android Play Store, Apple App Store or OVI store if using Nokia. Install the app and follow the instructions to set-up. There are hundreds of free apps that allow you to filter out calls. You only receive the phone calls you want. When you place someone on your blacklist, they get a busy tone each time they call.

Tips & Warnings

  • Beware that someone can always use a different line to call you if you have them on your blacklist. However, some call filter apps allow you to block numbers that are not in your contact list/phonebook

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Google Play Store

Apple App Store

Nokia OVI Store

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How to abort in Kenya

Contrary to popular opinion, abortion in Kenya is NOT illegal, it is only restricted by certain constitutional provisions. The only circumstances under which abortion may be permitted according to Kenyan laws is upon recommendation by a trained health professional. However, even in such cases, there has to be a need for emergency treatment or the mother's health or life is in danger.


If your life or health is in danger as a result of your pregnancy or there are other health issues which make your pregnancy unviable, you should contact a trained health professional for medical assessment, counseling, and abortion if you fit within the strict definitions of the law. A good place to start is your private doctor or gynecologist.

Abortion Alternatives in Kenya

  • Counseling - there are numerous crisis pregnancy centers in Kenya who can counsel you and help you deal with the situation. Some of these centers include;
    • Crisis Pregnancy Ministries Kenya Tel +254204445997
  • Keeping the pregnancy - Many women and girls have found themselves with unwanted pregnancies but have accepted the fact and gone on to live a normal life. 


  1. Do not attempt to carry out an abortion yourself, backstreet abortions are a leading killer of young Kenyan women. Likewise, if you have impregnated a lady, do not encourage her to seek a backstreet abortion. Always seek the services of qualified medical personnel.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya

Withdrawing money from PayPal in Kenya is a key concern for many. PayPal is the leading online payments company in the world. Many online merchants only accept this form of payment. A large majority also prefer to make payments abroad via PayPal.


  • PayPal to Payoneer.  You would need to sign up for a virtual US Bank account. You have to be careful with this one because there are many online scams. The most reliable US Virtual bank account service is offered by a company known as Payoneer. Payoneer is a global payment, payouts, and money transfer company. It provides companies with flexible means to pay staff and make other payments worldwide. For you to get a Payoneer MasterCard® which also comes with a US Virtual Bank Account, you have to sign up at their website. You will receive a Payoneer MasterCard® Debit card with an online account management interface. Use the US Bank account assigned to your card to withdraw PayPal funds. The funds become available in your Payoneer MasterCard®  within 3-4 working days. You can withdraw the cash using the MasterCard® Debit card at any ATM worldwide that displays the MasterCard® sign/logo e.g. Barclays, Equity, KCB, PesaPoint, CFC Stanbic, I&M, and others. Payoneer currently works with hundreds of partners in many industries.  The screenshot below is from a real Payoneer MasterCard® Online account. Click here to sign up for Payoneer Prepaid 

  • The second option is to take advantage of Equity Bank's new PayPal withdrawal service. To use the service, you need to be an Equity Bank account holder in Kenya. To withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your Equity Bank account, you will need to visit the Equity Bank website and select the Equity Bank PayPal Withdraw Service link.  Next, follow the on-screen instructions. You will be directed to your PayPal account where you will log in and confirm the transaction. Equity Bank appears to have solved the problem of PayPal withdrawals by creating a service where you send them the funds to your PayPal account and they then proceed to withdraw the funds using their US Bank account. The funds are then remitted to Kenya (to your bank account) from their US account via wire transfer. Equity charges a fee of 1.5% of the transaction value as well as quoting a USD to KES exchange rate for each withdrawal transaction. The funds take 3 days to hit your bank account.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Signing up for the Payoneer card is free but as with any other bank issued card, there are usage fees for ATM withdrawal, annual maintenance, balance inquiry, lost card replacement etc. Card loading charges depend on the loading partner but usually average $2 per load. There is also a 3% currency risk fee on each withdrawal.
  2. The Equity withdrawal charges are 1.5% per transaction and an unknown exchange rate loss can be expected based on their buy/sell currency spread.
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How to make money online in Kenya

A good number of Kenyans are now making money online. Unfortunately, for the large majority of Kenyans, making money online seems like a far off dream. This is despite the reality that it takes a very short time to start earning online. The following is a rundown of some ways you can earn an online income while in Kenya.


  1. As a Kenyan, the fastest, easiest and most feasible way to earn an income on the web is to sell your skills. Each one of us has something that we are good at. There are literally millions of people out there who are willing to pay you for your skills. An example of skills in high demand by the global online community includes:
    • Writing
    • Translation
    • Transcription
    • Programming
    • Artistic Illustration
    • Graphic Design
    • Video making
    • Typing and data entry
    • Legal knowledge
    • Accounting knowledge
    • Sales & Marketing skills
    • Public relations expertise
    • Engineering expertise
    • Business planning/consulting
    • ...the list is endless

    The first step is, therefore, to identify what you are good at. Once you have done that, you should create an account at several online freelance marketplaces. A freelance marketplace is an online portal where buyers and sellers meet. Buyers post their jobs and sellers bid to complete the jobs. Some of the best freelance marketplaces are Freelancer and Upwork. You do not need to pay anything to join any of these sites; they are completely free.
  2. The Second option to making money online in Kenya involves a bit more work and takes a much longer time before you can begin to reap the rewards. Start a website on a topic that you are passionate about. Write original articles and post them to the site as well as other content such as videos and images. Once you begin getting a steady stream of visitors, sign up with Google Adsense and Google will begin sending ads to your website. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you earn a few pennies. With a large volume of visitors, these pennies per click can translate into a considerable income by the end of the month. When your earnings reach 70 Euros, Google will send you a check in Kenya shillings which you can collect from the Post Office or DHL if you opt for secure delivery. If you have a large number of visitors to your site, you can also sell ad space to Kenyan companies and individuals. You can also sign-up with affiliate companies and sell other people's products from your website. Each time a sale is made you get a commission.
  3. The third option will require some capital. It is actually a cross between offline and online methods. In other countries, many people make money buying and selling at sites such as While that model is yet to fully take off in Kenya, there are many people now buying and selling using the Internet. For example, people are now using Olx to find cheap goods and then sell them off at a profit. There are numerous Kenyan sites where people advertise goods for sale. Many of these people are looking for a quick sale and are usually willing to negotiate. Identify such individuals and purchase goods at a discount. Sell the same goods at a markup. You can even re-advertise them on the same site e.g OLX. 

Tips & Warnings

  1. Beware of online money making scams. Do not be too quick to pay for anything. Reputable companies rarely ask you to pay in order to work for them.
  2. If you do any work online and you get paid via PayPal, you may want to check out this article on How to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya.