Infographic: How to be More Organized

When you are busy juggling work, family life, kids, bills, laundry and all other life's issues, stuff can begin to pile up and make a mess. The following infographic contains important tips on how to clean up the clutter in your life and get more organized.

Source: Infographicals


  1. Hey, i want to buy a phone online from worth Kshs 17,000 with free shipping to Kenya. Do you know what kind of taxes (and how to calculate) i will incur when collecting the phone at Posta? saw som1 mention IDF of kshs 5,000 e.t.c. please help, Thanks in advance

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  3. i need computer accessories?

  4. Anna wanjiru kagenyaOctober 8, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    payoneer card is not currently accepted by pay pal. i applied for one but didn't go through

  5. The Payoneer card is accepted by PayPal. If Payoneer declined your application, that's a different matter altogether. Maybe u didn't qualify based on their assessment.

  6. Anna wanjiru kagenyaOctober 8, 2014 at 4:41 PM

    how can the card be issued by the payonner and then become declined.
    I talked to pay pal about it for a bout 3 days and they told me they no longer accept payoneer card effective 10 june.
    I can forwawd you emails if you can assist me.
    I need to be connected to paypal and not through equity.

  7. Wanjiru, u are actually right and we need to edit the article to reflect this ...thank you for the update. There is actually a thread about this on the Payoneer website It must be affecting new users because I used the service only three days ago. For the moment, your best bet is Equity which is the only other official way to do it. I'm curious though, why don't you want to use Equity? Its official and costs more or less the same as Payoneer.

  8. KenTex Cargo guys can help and they're wayyy cheaper. They do it cheap to promoe their shipping business.


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