Tuesday, May 27, 2014

List of Kenyan Stock Brokers

Are you looking to buy shares on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)? The following is a list of NSE member firms currently licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). The list includes their email address, website URL, telephone contacts and physical location

NSE Member Firm Website Contact Details & Physical Location
ABC Capital Ltd abccapital.co.ke IPS Building, 5th floor,
P.O. Box 34137-00100
Tel: 2246036/2245971
Fax: 2245971
Email: headoffice@abccapital.co.ke
Afrika Investment Bank Ltd afrikainvestmentbank.com Finance House, 9th Floor,
P.O. Box 11019-00100
Tel: 2212206 / 2210178/2212989//343639
Fax: 2210500
Email: info@afrikainvestmentbank.com
ApexAfrica Capital Ltd apexafrica.com Rehani House, 4th Floor,
P.O. Box 43676- 00100
Tel: 242170/2220517
Fax: 2215554
Email: invest@apexafrica.com
CBA Capital Limited cbagroup.com CBA Centre Mara Ragati Road Junction, Upper Hill,
P.O. Box 30437-00100
Tel: 0202884000/+254 20 2884000 / 365, 0711056365
Fax: 0202734616
Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Ltd dyerandblair.com Pension Towers, 10th floor,
P.O. Box 45396 00100
Tel: 3240000/2227803/4/5
Fax: 2218633
Email: shares@dyerandblair.com
Equity Investment Bank Limited equitybankgroup.com Equity Centre, Hospital Road, Upper Hill,
P.O Box 75104 – 00200
Tel: +254-20-2262477 Mobile: +254-732-112477/+254-711-026477
Fax: +254 20 2711439
Faida Investment Bank Ltd fib.co.ke Crawford Business park, Ground Floor, State House Road,
P. O. Box 45236-00100
Tel: +254-20-7606026-35
Fax: 2243814
Email: info@fib.co.ke
Francis Drummond & Company Limited drummond.co.ke Hughes Building, 2nd floor,
P.O. Box 45465 00100
Tel: 318690/318689
Fax: 2223061
Email: info@drummond.co.ke
Genghis Capital Ltd gencap.co.ke Prudential Building, 5th Floor,
P.O Box 1670-00100
Tel: 8008561, 2337535/36, 2373984/968/969
Fax: 246334
Email: info@gencap.co.ke
Kestrel Capital (EA) Limited kestrelcapital.com ICEA Building, 5th floor,
P.O. Box 40005-00100
Tel: 251758/2251893,2251815,2250082
Fax: 2243264
Email: info@kestrelcapital.com
Kingdom Securities Ltd kingdomsecurities.co.ke Co-operative Bank House,5th Floor,
P.O Box 48231 00100
Tel: 3276940/3276256/3276154
Fax: 3276156
Email: info@kingdomsecurities.co.ke
NIC Securities Limited nic-capital.com Ground Floor, NIC House, Masaba Road,
P.O.Box 63046 – 00200
Tel: 2888 444 / 0711 041 444
Fax: 2888 544
Email: info@nic-capital.com
Old Mutual Securities Ltd oldmutual.co.ke IPS Building, 6th Floor,
P. O. Box 50338- 00200
Tel: 2241379, 2241408
Fax: 2241392
Email: info.oms@oldmutualkenya.com
Renaissance Capital (Kenya) Ltd rencap.com Purshottam Place ,6th Floor, Westland , Chiromo Road,
P.O BOX 40560-00100
Tel: 3682000/3754422
Fax: 3632339
Email: info@rencap.com
SBG Securities Ltd sbgsecurities.co.ke CfC Stanbic Centre, 58 Westlands Road,
P. O. Box 47198 – 00100
Tel: 3638900
Fax: 3752950
Email: sbgs@stanbic.com
Standard Investment Bank Ltd sib.co.ke ICEA Building, 16th floor,
P. O. Box 13714- 00800
Tel: 2228963/2228967/2228969
Fax: 240297
Email: info@sib.co.ke
Sterling Capital Ltd sterlingib.com Barclays Plaza, 11th Floor, Loita Street,
P.O. Box 45080- 00100
Tel: 2213914/244077/ 0723153219/0734219146
Fax: 2218261
Email: info@sterlingib.com
Suntra Investment Bank Ltd suntra.co.ke Nation Centre,7th Floor,
P.O. Box 74016-00200
Tel: 2870000/247530/2223330/2211846/0724- 257024, 0733-222216
Fax: 2224327
Email: info@suntra.co.ke

Source: Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)

Ngenye Kariuki & Co. Ltd and Discount Securities Ltd are under statutory management and hence not included in this list.

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