Kenya Certificate of Good Conduct - How To Apply & Requirements

Do you want to know how to apply for a Kenyan Certificate of Good Conduct, also known as a Police Clearance Certificate? A Kenyan Certificate of Good Conduct has become an important document. Almost all employers, government departments and NGO's request one during pre-employment vetting. Many companies also request the certificate from the directors' of companies placing tenders for the supply of goods and services. The certificate is essentially a search into an individual's records held by the Kenyan Criminal Investigations Department (CID). The certificate confirms that the holder has not engaged in any criminal activity in the preceding 6 months and has not served any jail time for a crime.

Police Certificate of Good Conduct Requirements For Kenyan Citizens

  1. The applicants complete set of rolled and plain fingerprints to be taken by the Kenya Police at the time of application.
  2. Original and photocopy of your 2nd Generation ID card. See below if you have lost your Kenyan identity card.
  3. A fee of KES 1,050 on eCitizen.
  4. Download and print two copies of the invoice from ecitizen.
  5. Download and print the fingerprint form (C24) from ecitizen.

Certificate of Good Conduct Requirements For Foreigners

  1. Should provide the original and copy of the passport pages with personal details
  2. A fee of Euros 38. 
  3. A letter explaining the need for the certificate.

How To Apply For a Police Certificate

Apply for Police Certificate of Good Conduct Online on eCitizen

You MUST apply for the certificate of good conduct online.  
  1. Create an eCitizen Account
  2. On the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Tab and click "Get Service Now!"
  3. Follow to instructions to apply for an adult or child under 18.
  4. Select the mode of payment and pay for the Police Clearance. The cost is Kshs. 1,050.
  5. Download and print two(2) copies of your invoice, and one copy of your C24 (fingerprint form) on both sides of an A4 paper
  6. Present the C24 and invoices with an original National ID for adults and Original Birth Certificate for minors, to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters or any other location shown in ecitizen for fingerprint processing (there are several locations available). In Nairobi, CID Headquarters is located on Kiambu road just after Muthaiga Golf Club on your right. Take a matatu number 100 and ask them to drop you at the CID headquarters.
  7. During the application, you will be able to select the date when you want your fingerprints taken. 
  8. You will get an email and/or text notification after a few days once they start processing.
  9. When processing is complete, you will get a text and/or notification containing instructions on how to download your Police Certificate of Good Conduct from ecitizen.

Need a Good Conduct Certificate & Don't Have Your Original ID?

No worries. Before you go to the CID Offices, do this first:
  1. You will need KES 300.
  2. Report the loss of your Kenyan ID at a police station and receive a police abstract (This article has instructions on how to replace a lost Kenyan ID)
  3. Visit the nearest Registrar of Persons Center in Kenya. Every County in Kenya has at least one. Alternatively, you can visit any Huduma Center countrywide. 
  4. Explain to them that you need to get a printout of your ID to apply for a police certificate.
  5. They will issue you with a form to fill in your name and ID number.
  6. Deposit the fee of KES 300 at a Kenya Commercial Bank Branch, Director, Registrar of Persons Account. The registration officials will advise you on the account number.
  7. Fill the form and they will then take your fingerprints on the form and stamp it.
  8. Present the form and bank slip to NSSF House 7th Floor, Registrar of Persons, Nairobi.
  9. The waiting time depends on the number of people but ranges between one and two hours.
  10. Once you get your ID print out, present it to the CID office or Huduma Center and follow instructions issued at each point. 

How To Apply For a Certificate of Good Conduct Outside Nairobi

  1. This is also done via ecitizen.
  2. Follow the steps above and then select a fingerprint processing center nearest to you. 
  3. Log into ecitizen and print your Police Certificate of Good Conduct once ready.

Tips & Warnings

  • Follow any instructions issued carefully. If in doubt, seek clarification from the CID officers present.


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