4 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking a Job

Many Kenyan graduates have experienced joblessness for a year or two yet their friend, whose uncle is the Finance Manager in a multi-national company, already has a well-paying job with no experience. The job market in Kenya is merciless to those who have no godfather or are less aggressive. This fact makes it easy for a job seeker to quickly take any job that comes their way only to regret later.

Before you take up any job, here are few questions to ask yourself:

Does this job give me professional satisfaction?Taking up a sales job for example while you really want to be a Human Resource professional will leave you dissatisfied. Unless you are not focused on your career goals, taking up any job will do more harm.
I’m I comfortable with the company culture?Company culture is important and it affects your personal life. For example you might be SDA and company requires you to come to work on Saturday for meetings yet you need to go to church. Or the company requires ladies to wear knee-length skirts yet you are conservative and prefer ankle-length skirts. Finding out about the company culture makes you weight if the offer is worth it or not.
Is this what I want to do?Your CV spoke for you, the interview went well and you have a job offer but you may feel that this is not what you want to do. Look at your job description and review your responsibilities. Is there anything that you would cross out on the list fast? Are there some responsibilities that would pose no challenge to you? Monotony and simple tasks will cause boredom especially if you appreciate challenges.
My expectations for this role are … This is a question you could ask your interviewer during the final interview. A company with clear goals and has an understanding of how your role is important is good. However, if a clear answer is not given regarding the same it is wise to turn down the offer.

Do not be too desperate to take up a job offer only to live miserably afterwards.