Most Expensive Properties in Nairobi

HassConsult Limited is one of Kenya’s leading real estate manager and property consulting company. There area of focus is in the middle to high end real estate market. 

The following were the key takeaways figures from their 2016, first quarter report on the Nairobi property market:

  • 0.2 %  drop in value of land within Nairobi
  • 13 × the value of return on land compared to cattle
  • 9 × the value of return on land compared to gold
Nairobi’s most expensive areas to buy land (per acre):
  • Upper Hill - Sh511.3 million
  • Kilimani - Sh425.7 million up from Sh420.5 million.
  • Westlands - Sh391.1 million
  • Parklands - Sh380.2 million
  • Kileleshwa - Sh259.3 million
Nairobi’s most expensive satellite suburbs (per acre):
  • Ruaka - Sh59.6 million
  • Kiambu - Sh36.8 million
  • Mlolongo - Sh26.8 million
  • Tigoni - Sh18.7 million
  • Ngong - Sh17.5 million
Areas with the largest drop off in land prices (per acre):
  • Eastleigh - Sh256.9 million up from Sh277.8 million in December
  • Kitisuru Sh74.1 million up from Sh74.7 million
Areas with the largest increase in land prices (per acre);
  • Spring Valley - Sh143.3 million from Sh141.4 million in December
  • Loresho - Sh77.4million from Sh77 million.
  • Runda - Sh74.3 million from Sh77.1 million.