List of Insurance Company Paybill Numbers

All insurance companies in Kenya now accept M-Pesa PayBill for premium payments. The following is a list of insurance companies and their corresponding M-Pesa PayBill numbers.

Insurance Company PayBill Number
AAR Insurance Kenya 333201
African Merchant Assurance (AMACO) 545400
AIG Insurance Company (formerly Chartis) 503200
APA Insurance Company 511600
APA Life Assurance Company 
Britam General Insurance 541401
British American Life Insurance  541400
Cannon Assurance Company 501801
Cannon Life Assurance Company  501800
Capex Life Assurance Company  978050
CIC General Insurance 600116
CIC Life Assurance Company  600114
Corporate Insurance Company 942300
Directline Assurance Company  509800
Fidelity Shield Insurance 316700
First Assurance Company  898200
GA Insurance Company  870250
Geminia Insurance Company  553201
Geminia Insurance Company  553200
Heritage Insurance Company  503000
ICEA Lion Life Assurance  974203
Intra-Africa Assurance  861600
Invesco Assurance Company  980100
Jubilee Insurance Company  328102
Jubilee Insurance Company  328100
Kenindia Assurance Company  514600
Kenya Orient Insurance  513200
Kenya Orient Life Assurance  513201
Liberty Life Assurance 
Madison General Insurance Company  600802
Madison Insurance Company  600800
Mayfair Insurance Company 
Metropolitan Insurance  808900
Occidental Insurance 
Old Mutual Life Assurance  600501
Pacis Insurance Company  504700
Pan Africa Insurance (Now Sanlam Life Assurance) 120123
Phoenix Of East Africa 
Pioneer Assurance Company  100500
Prudential Life Assurance 
Resolution Insurance Company  503100
Saham Insurance Company  510200
Saham Life Assurance 
Sanlam General Insurance 543200
Takaful Insurance Of Africa  912900
Takaful Insurance Of Africa 
Tausi Assurance Company 
The Kenyan Alliance Insurance 
The Kenyan Alliance Life
The Monarch Insurance 552200
The Monarch Life Insurance  552201
Trident Insurance Company  985850
UAP Insurance Company  505800
UAP Life Assurance Company 505000
Xplico Insurance Company 976710

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