How to Withdraw M-pesa from Airtel Line

If you own an Airtel line, you can still receive a Mpesa mobile money payment. An Airtel number is treated in the same manner as an unregistered Safaricom number. The person sending the money will follow the usual steps and receive a notification that the number is unregistered before they send the payment.

Once payment is sent, the sender will receive a confirmation message. The Airtel number will also receive a message from M-pesa containing a 4 digit code which they will use to withdraw money from an M-pesa agent.

How to Withdraw M-Pesa Agent

  1. Find an M-pesa agent
  2. Confirm the agent has sufficient funds for your transaction.
  3. Present the SMS containing the M-pesa voucher number (notification confirming receipt of cash).
  4. Give your Airtel phone number
  5. Show original ID.
  6. The agent will enter the 'one time code' that is displayed on the customer's SMS notification.
  7. Both the agent and the customer will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.
  8. The agent will give you your money and request you to sign the Log book which is a record of M-pesa transactions done in that store.


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  1. So we'll explained.. I was a victim 👊

  2. How can I withdraw my cash when I have deleted the messaged

    1. I have the same problem right now ,i deleted the msg but i need to withdraw some amount

  3. call 234 to request another one

  4. Hi i accidentally deleted the confirmation sms what can i do to retrieve it??

  5. Am inthe same situation,but safaricom customer care nowadays have fixed services and cannot speak to the agent directly

  6. What if I delete the mpesa message accidentally. How will I access the money

  7. Very well said,was worried what to do

  8. What about if I am an m pesa agent I don't know how to withdraw the money.

    1. Go to mpesa main menu the second option "give cash" enter details there and you good


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